Ashadha or Aashaadha ( Nepali: आषाढ Āsādh or Hindi: आसाढ़ Āṣārh) is a month of the Hindu calendar (in Present day Nepali calendar) that corresponds to June/July in the Gregorian calendar.[1] In India's national civil calendar, Āsāṛh is the fourth month of the year, beginning on 22 June and ending on 22 July. The month is known as Ādi in Tamil. In solar religious calendars, Āsāṛh begins with the Sun's entry into Cancer. It is the first of the two months that comprise the monsoon season.

The corresponding month in the Bengali calendar, Aṣaṛh (Bengali: আষাঢ় "Monsoon"), is the third month.

In lunar religious calendars, Āsāṛh begins on a new moon and is usually the fourth month of the year.

In the Vaishnava calendar, Vamana governs this month.

Shukla Paksha Krishna Paksha
1. Paadyami 1. Paadyami
2. Vidu 2. Vidiya
3. Thadiya 3. Thadiya
4. Chavithi 4. Chavithi
5. Panchami 5. Panchami
6. Shashti 6. Shashti
7. Saptami 7. Saptami
8. Ashtami 8. Ashtami
9. Navami 9. Navami
10.Dashami 10.Dashami
11.Ekadashi 11.Ekadashi
12.Dwadashi 12.Dwadashi
13.Thrayodashi 13.Thrayodashi
14.Chaturdashi 14.Chaturdashi
15.Purnima 15. Amavasya


Guru Purnima, a festival dedicated to the Guru, is celebrated on the Purnima (Full Moon) day of the month. Prior to it Shayani Ekadashi, is observed on the eleventh lunar day (Ekadashi) of the bright fortnight (Shukla paksha). "Adi amavasai" is an important festival in Tamilnadu and auspicious for amman

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