Abu al-Hasan as-Said al-Mutadid

Abu al-Hasan as-Said al-Mutadid (Arabic: الحسن المعتضد بالله السعيد بن المأمون; abū al-ḥasan al-mu`taḍid bi-llah as-sa`īd ben al-mā'mūn; died 1248) was an Almohad caliph who reigned from 1242 until his death. He was a son of Idris al-Ma'mun.

Abu al-Hasan as-Said al-Mutadid
Almohad Caliph
PredecessorAbd al-Wahid II
SuccessorAbu Hafs Umar al-Murtada
DiedJune 1248
FatherIdris al-Ma'mun

He succeeded his brother Abd al-Wahid II in a period in which the Almohads controlled only parts of present-day Morocco. During his reign, he tried to recover Meknes from the Marinids and Tlemcen from the Zayyanids. As-Said was able to obtain a contingent from the Marinids who made a nominal submission to him, but was killed by the Zayyanids in an ambush near Oujda.[1]

The Marinids then took the opportunity to conquer Fes, reducing the Almohads’ effective control to the Marrakesh area.


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Preceded by
Abd al-Wahid II
Almohad dynasty
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