Academy Glacier (Greenland)

Academy Glacier (Danish: Academy Gletscher or Academy Brae), is one of the major glaciers in northern Greenland.[1]

Academy Glacier
Academy Gletscher
Location within Greenland
TypeTidal outlet glacier
Coordinates81°30′N 32°39′W
Lengthca 40 km
Width8.5 km
Thickness120 m
TerminusIndependence Fjord;
Arctic Ocean

It was named in 1892 after the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia by Robert Peary[2] during his expedition to north Greenland.[3]

This glacier forms the geographical limit between Peary Land and King Frederick VIII Land.


The Academy Glacier is roughly northeast-southwest oriented and has its terminus at the head of the Independence Fjord. Navy Cliff rises north of the last stretch of the fjord beyond which lies the smaller Marie Sophie Glacier.[4][5] J.C. Christensen Land lies to the east and Gletscher Cape is a headland located east of the glacier terminus.[6]

Map of Far Northeastern Greenland.
J. P. Koch 1911 map of NE Greenland showing Academy Brae and the southern inner shore of Independence Fjord as Academy Kyst.

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