Akai S1000

Akai S1000

Akai S1000 MIDI Stereo Digital Sampler
Manufacturer Akai
Dates 1988 - 1993
Technical specifications
Polyphony 16 voices
Synthesis type Digital Sample-based Subtractive
Storage memory 2MB (expandable to 32 MB)

The Akai S1000 is a 16-bit professional stereo digital sampler, released by Akai in 1988. The S1000 was among the first professional-quality 16-bit stereo samplers.[1] Its abilities to splice, crossfade, trim, and loop music in 16-bit CD-quality sound made it popular among producers of this era. The S1000 also had the ability to "time-stretch", a feature that allowed the music's tempo to be adjusted without its pitch being altered.

The advent of the S1000 paved the way for Jungle music, which later evolved into Drum and Bass. The ease with which it could be used and the high sound quality that it produced created an evolution from the rougher Hardcore genre that preceded Jungle.

The S1100, released in 1990, is an expanded and enhanced version of the S1000.[1]


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