Aleka's Attic

Aleka's Attic

A band photo of the Aleka's Attic band
Background information
Origin United States
Genres Alternative rock, folk rock, garage rock revival
Years active 1988–1992
Associated acts Papercranes
Website Alekas Attic at Myspace
Past members River Phoenix
Rain Phoenix
Tim Hankins
Josh Greenbaum
Josh McKay
Sasa Hasid Raphael

Aleka's Attic were an alternative folk/rock band from Gainesville, Florida, formed by River Phoenix and his sister Rain.


The original line up of Aleka's Attic included River as lead singer and played guitar; his younger sister Rain sang, but, contrary to many incorrect reports, did not play keyboards in the band (although she did play various percussion, such as tambourine); Josh McKay was the bass player; Josh Greenbaum, a friend of River’s from Florida, was the drummer.

About choosing the band's name, "Aleka's a fictional poet philosopher who gathered friends in his attic to discuss his ideas, when Aleka dies they form a band to share his beliefs with others through music".[1]

River was offered to sign a two-year development deal with Island Records to develop the band and record a marketable album, which was not accomplished in the time allotted due to River's ongoing film work schedule. So Island, retaining the option to continue or not, opted out of the deal based on the non-marketability of River's newer material. River then decided to record an album independently for the band.

The group disbanded in April 1992. River Phoenix later started the new band Blacksmith as shown here in a performance[2] as an opening act for the Bill Clinton / Al Gore campaign in Gainesville, Florida in October 1992

The unreleased album

The release of the album, with the proposed titles Never Odd Or Even and Zero, was postponed due to River's death. Though Rain spent two years weeding through unfinished tracks and mixing what was a slew of performances. The reason is that there has been communication problems between the Phoenix family and former members Tim Hankins and Sasa Raphael. Josh Greenbaum and Josh Mckay had readily signed a release form allowing their tracks to be used, hence the early enthusiasm about the potential release of the record. According to Greenbaum, "The reason River signed with Island in the first place was because he obviously wanted to get his music out to the world. I just want to see that happen, even if I never see a penny from it. That would make the investment of five years of my life worth it."

In 1997, Phoenix's friend Michael Stipe of R.E.M. bought the rights to all of Aleka's Attic's material from Island Records.[3]

The album and many other songs by the band can be found on various sites throughout the internet.

In the film Sneakers, the character played by Dan Aykroyd wears an Aleka's Attic T-shirt[4] in one scene.


Released tracks

Other tracks


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