Amojjar Pass

Amojjar Pass is a mountain pass in the Adrar Plateau in the centre of Adrar, near Atar, Mauritania.[1] The pink-brown sandstone of the pass was worn away by repeated cycles of extreme dryness interrupted by torrential rain.[1] The bases of the steep valley walls are covered in scree, loosed by the erosion of the rainfall.[1] There is little plant life in the pass. Acacias are a notable exception, as they are resistant to drought.[1]

Amojjar Pass
Amojjar Pass Road
Traversed byRoad
LocationAtar, Mauritania
RangeAdrar Plateau

Amojjar Pass is an important link for ground transportation in Mauritania because it provides a somewhat protected roadway connecting Mauritania's capital, Nouakchott, with other important locations such as Ouadane and Chinguetti.[2]

The Neolithic rock paintings of Agrour Amogjar are near the pass, northeast of Atar at 20°35′N 12°45′W.[3]


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