Anděl Awards

Anděl Allianz Award 2006 statuette for the Album of the Year – Rock,
won by the band Wohnout.

The Angel Award (Anděl Award, Czech: cena Anděl) is a Czech music award issued by the Czech Academy of Popular Music. It is a successor of the Annual Czechoslovak Music Award established in 1991 in Czechoslovakia. Between 1992 and 1996, it was known Gramy, and the award categories are what the Grammy Award is to the United States, with the award including a ceramic gramophone statuette. Since 1997, it bears the current name, with the award including a statuette of an angel playing horn designed by sculptor Jaroslav Róna,[1] although the name of the award has been changed several times.


Main awards

Genre awards

Most successful artists

Lucie and Lucie Bila are tied, with each had 15 wins. Dan Bárta is second with 13 wins, including seven consecutive years of winning Best male singer between 1998 and 2004.

These are the artists who had won more than 10 cumulative awards:

Artist Number of wins
Lucie 15
Lucie Bílá 15
Dan Bárta 13
Kryštof 11
Buty 11
Monkey Business 10

Winners by year

Year Male singer Female singer Group
1991 Pavol Habera Bára Basiková Lucie
1992 Petr Muk Lucie Bílá Shalom
1993 Ivan Hlas Lucie Bílá Yo Yo Band
1994 Dan Bárta Lucie Bílá Lucie
1995 Kamil Střihavka Lucie Bílá Buty
1996 Janek Ledecký Iva Bittová Žlutý pes
1997 Daniel Hůlka Lucie Bílá Buty
1998 Dan Bárta Lucie Bílá Lucie
1999 Dan Bárta Anna K Buty
2000 Dan Bárta Lenka Dusilová Monkey Business
2001 Dan Bárta Helena Vondráčková Čechomor
2002 Dan Bárta Kateřina Winterová Support Lesbiens
2003 Dan Bárta Radůza Kabát
2004 Dan Bárta Aneta Langerová Tata Bojs
2005 Petr Kolář Lenka Dusilová Chinaski
2006 Matěj Ruppert Anna K Kryštof
2007 Matěj Ruppert Aneta Langerová Chinaski
2008 Dan Bárta Lenka Dusilová Kryštof
2009 Tomáš Klus Ewa Farna Monkey Business
2010 David Koller Lucie Bílá Nightwork
2011 Tomáš Klus Lenka Dusilová Mandrage
2012 Vojtěch Dyk Aneta Langerová Kryštof
2013 Dan Bárta Lenka Dusilová Bratři Orffové
2014 Michal Hrůza Aneta Langerová Chinaski
2015 David Koller Klara Kryštof



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