At Carnegie Hall (Dave Brubeck Quartet album)

This article is about the album by the Dave Brubeck Quartet. For albums titled "At Carnegie Hall", see At Carnegie Hall (disambiguation).
At Carnegie Hall
Live album by The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Released 1963
Recorded February 22, 1963
Genre Jazz
Length 1:43:53
Label Columbia
Producer Teo Macero
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At Carnegie Hall
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At Carnegie Hall is a jazz album by the Dave Brubeck Quartet. It was recorded at the famed Carnegie Hall in New York City on Friday, February 22, 1963. Critic Thom Jurek described it as "one of the great live jazz albums of the 1960s".[1] Critic Jim Santella wrote, "This is timeless music from a classic ensemble. Goosebumps are guaranteed."[2]

Ironically, original expectations for the concert were low. Not only was drummer Joe Morello recovering from a case of the flu at the time, but New York had been suffering from a newspaper strike, and the group was worried that the attendance would be sparse. The worries were groundless: the hall was full.

The album is somewhat unusual because it contains the complete concert; the producer, Teo Macero, noted that "not a note or a phrase of the musical part of the program has been deleted". The only change was to move "It's a Raggy Waltz", originally heard after "Eleven-Four", to a later position; this was done to allow the concert to fit onto two LP records.

The original LP cut the ending of "Castillian Drums" by one beat; the missing beat has been restored on the CD reissue. Also, some of Brubeck's announcements (and Macero's introduction) from the stage were replaced (possibly because they were clearer in sound), but the originals remain on the reissue. The liner notes (by George Simon, jazz critic for the New York Herald Tribune) include extensive comments by Brubeck on each selection.

Track listings

Side 1

  1. "St. Louis Blues" (W. C. Handy) - 11:52
  2. "Bossa Nova U.S.A." (D. Brubeck) - 7:21
  3. "For All We Know" (S. Lewis - J. F. Coots) - 9:38

Side 2

  1. "Pennies from Heaven" (J. Burke - A. Johnston) - 10:15
  2. "Southern Scene (Briar Bush)" (D. Brubeck) - 7:12
  3. "Three to Get Ready" (D. Brubeck) - 6:40

Side 3

  1. "Eleven-Four" (P. Desmond) - 3:44
  2. "King for a Day" (I. Brubeck - D. Brubeck) - 6:15
  3. "Castilian Drums (Parts I and II)" (D. Brubeck) - 14:14

Side 4

  1. "It's a Raggy Waltz" (D. Brubeck) - 6:47
  2. "Blue Rondo à la Turk" (D. Brubeck) - 12:40
  3. "Take Five" (P. Desmond) - 7:15




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