Bachelor of Business Science

The Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSci) is a four-year Honours level degree providing for a scientifically based study of economic and management sciences, "premised on the application of quantitative methods".[1] The degree is offered in South Africa, and elsewhere in the Commonwealth.


The BBusSci "allows for intensive specialization" in the degree major[2] and thus comprises a four-year Honours level program. It differs from the Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) - the three year Bachelor's degree in business and economics usually offered in South Africa - in that, additional to the treatment of the major, all students are exposed to management theory in some depth. Further, majors in various quantitative-based subjects are available under the BBusSci, while these are not offered in (most) BComm programs; relatedly, all students must take a full first-year mathematics course, in addition to courses in statistics. For a comparison with other undergraduate degrees in business and management, see discussion under Bachelor's degree, and compare Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

A student reading the Business Science degree will be able to specialise in the following subjects:


The degree is offered by several South African universities (all offer the BComm): The University of Cape Town has offered the BBusSci degree since 1968;[3] The University of KwaZulu Natal,[2] Rhodes University [1] and Monash University in South Africa [4] have offered the degree more recently. The University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) [5] and UNISA [6] both have departments of business and management "Science", although do not grant the BBusSci qualification; Wits, in its BComm, requires compulsory credits in "Computational Mathematics" (calculus and matrix algebra) and statistics,[7] and allows Commerce students to major in quantitative subjects - if combined with economics - through the BEconSci.[8]

Elsewhere, the degree is offered by the University of Delhi [9] in India; and by Strathmore University [10] in Kenya.

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