Bartercard is a barter trading exchange founded in Australia in 1991. Bartercard enables member businesses to exchange goods and services with other member businesses without using cash or cash equivalents, or having to engage in the direct two-way swap of goods and/or services.

In 2007, Bartercard Australia was sold in a management buyout. Currently, Bartercard operates in eight countries (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Cyprus).


Bartercard provides members with an interest free line of credit which they can use to make purchases. Members earn Bartercard Trade Dollars / Pounds for the goods and services they sell and this value is recorded electronically in the member’s account database, or goes towards repaying the credit that the member may have used.

Bartercard has 54,000 cardholders[1] throughout the world that trade in excess of $600 million per annum.

The hotel industry utilise Bartercard to fill unsold rooms, restaurants use Bartercard to fill tables, the wine industry uses Bartercard to increase their marketing and distribution, and trades people and professionals use Bartercard to fill their work weeks and gain new business. The Bartercard network is focused on connecting business people with each other and holds over 500 networking events per year.

Bartercard Australia

Barter, at its most basic and enduring level, is the exchange of goods and services between parties without the use of cash.

Barter has been around long before cash. Modern barter is the way entrepreneurial business people get what they need, when they need it - even if they don’t have the cash - by trading their spare capacity or inventory (what they have).

Most businesses operate on the earn-save-spend model for making purchases. They earn the money. They save the money. They spend the money. This model is effective when the business is earning enough money to cover costs, plus save a little for growth. But what happens when the business isn’t earning enough money and is experiencing the inevitable ‘catch 22’ of needing to grow now to earn more in the future?

Barter is a viable solution to these common problems. Almost all businesses have excess capacity (i.e. office or personnel hours unused, tables unfilled, hotel rooms unoccupied) or excess inventory (i.e. discontinued, slow-moving, or over-produced goods). When times are slow or you need to increase your business expenses to grow, the normal pattern is that your excess capacity or inventory INCREASES while your cashflow decreases. Barter gives you the opportunity to turn your spare capacity or inventory into value by giving your business purchasing power when you need it - by trading your goods or services for the things you need, when you need them. Barter provides a competitive edge.

Bartercard Foundation

The Bartercard Foundation assists one charity to raise Bartercard Trade Dollars which they can spend on national promotions to raise cash from the mass market. Our chosen charity for 2011 - 2013 is the Child Cancer Foundation.


"For taxation purposes, that is, for calculating taxation liability, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) treats one Bartercard Trade Dollar the same way that it treats one Australian Dollar.[2]


Bartercard offers an infrastructure that allows members to transact using EFTPOS as well as an online system and a smart phone application. Bartercard trade dollars can be transacted via a number of methods. There is the basic paper voucher system, EFTPOS, SMSPOS, InternetPOS, a secure members website, and a mobility application. Members find each other via an online directory as well as a printed directory.


Bartercard is a major sponsor of the Bartercard Cup, the top level rugby league club competition in New Zealand. In Australia, Bartercard sponsors Manly Sea Eagles, Gold Coast Titans, Queensland Reds, ACT Brumbies, Central Coast Mariners, Cricket Victoria and the Melbourne Renegades. Bartercard also sponsors many other business and major sporting organisations throughout the world, including Sheffield Wednesday and Hartlepool United. Bartercard also sponsors the north stand at the Reebok Stadium, home to Bolton Wanderers.


In July 2014 Bartercard issued a Prospectus under its parent company BPS Technology[3] for listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)[4] BPS Technology was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on 9 September 2014.[5]

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