Bauer City 1

Bauer City 1
Broadcast area Scotland and northern England
Slogan Your Music, Your Life
Frequency FM: 96.3 - 106.7 MHz
Format Contemporary Hit Radio
Language(s) English, Scottish Gaelic (MFR only)
Owner Bauer Radio
Sister stations Bauer City 2
Bauer City 3

Bauer City 1 is a network of 16 CHR local radio stations in Scotland and northern England, owned and operated by Bauer Radio.

The stations, which carry separate localised branding, air a mix of local and networked music-led programming, alongside local news, travel and sport.


  • CFM (Cumbria and South West Scotland)
  • Clyde 1 (Glasgow and the West of Scotland)
  • Forth 1 (Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife)
  • Gem 106 (East Midlands)
  • Hallam FM (South Yorkshire and the North Midlands)
  • Key 103 (Greater Manchester)
  • Metro Radio (Tyne and Wear and Northumberland)
  • MFR (Scottish Highlands, Moray and Orkney)
  • Northsound 1 (Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire)

Programming and presenters

Local programming - consisting of at least 12 hours on weekdays and 4 hours on Saturdays and Sundays - is mainly produced and broadcast live from the originating station's studios. The main exception is TFM, which shares all programming with Newcastle-based Metro Radio.

The majority of networked programming is broadcast from Key 103 in Castlefield, Manchester and Clyde 1 in Clydebank, Glasgow. Networked output also originates from Metro Radio in Newcastle and Forth 1 in Edinburgh. Apart from some weekend and overnight output, separate networked shows are produced for Scotland and northern England.

Northern England

  • Wes Butters (Sunday breakfast)
  • Simon Morykin (Saturday breakfast)
  • Paddy McGuinness (Paddy's Sunday Dinner)
  • Darryl Morris (Sunday - Thursday evenings)
  • Kelly Pegg (Saturday morning)
  • Darren Proctor (2 O'Clock Anthems and Saturday Anthems)
  • Tony Shepherd (Sunday - Thursday late nights)
  • Mike Toolan (Saturday morning)
  • Sophie Wright (Floorfillers Chilled on Friday late night)
  • Jack Wood (Monday - Friday overnights)


  • Ewen Cameron (Sunday mornings)
  • Callum Gallacher (Sunday - Thursday evenings)
  • Greig Easton (Saturday Anthems)
  • Cat Harvey (Sunday mornings)
  • Ryan Borthwick (Sunday - Thursday late nights, Floorfillers Chilled on Friday late night)
  • Grant Thomson (2 O'Clock Anthems, Saturday breakfast)
  • Gregor Runciman (Sunday breakfast)
  • Andrew Bouglas (Boogie and Arlene's Big Saturday Show)
  • Arlene Stuart (Boogie and Arlene's Big Saturday Show)
  • George Bowie (GBX Friday)
  • Fat Brestovca (Monday - Friday overnights)

Northern England & Scotland shared presenters

  • James Barr (Floorfillers on Friday evening)
  • Dave Kelly (Floorfillers on Saturday evening)
  • Sophie Wright (Floorfillers Chilled on Saturday late night)
  • Chris Felton/Ivan D'Sa/Josh Collins (Weekend overnights)

On 28 July 2015, Bauer announced it would reintroduce further separate programming for Scotland and Northern England, including split editions of Old Skool and Anthems and the weekday evening and Sunday morning shows. The changes were introduced during August 2015.[1]

Local opt-outs

MFR opts out of the networked schedule to carry additional local programming, including a weekday evening show and a weekly bilingual music programme on Saturday evenings (simulcast with several community radio stations). Clyde 1 also opts out of Old Skool and Anthems on Saturday evenings to air The GBXperience. Metro Radio and TFM opt out of the networked late show from Sunday to Thursday nights to air the long-running talk show, Nightowls. Key103 also opts out of the network late show Monday to Thursday, airing a local talk show instead.

Clyde 1 provides live football commentaries throughout the season, alongside a nightly edition of its sports show, Superscoreboard, on weekday evenings from 6-8pm. Sports coverage on all other stations is provided within local news bulletins with additional programming on Radio City, Northsound 1 and Radio Borders, which provides in-depth rugby union coverage.


All stations in the network carry their own local news bulletins hourly from 6am to 7pm on weekdays and from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Headlines are broadcast on the half-hour during weekday breakfast and drivetime shows, alongside sport and traffic bulletins.

On weekends at 7am & 8am and from 2pm-7pm bespoke networked bulletins air. These are produced by Clyde 1 for all the Scottish stations, while Key 103's newsroom produces Northern England bulletins to air on the English stations.

At all other times, mainly evening & overnight, bulletins come from Sky News Radio.


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