Bella (magazine)


Cover of Bella circa 18th November 2013
Categories Women's weekly magazine
Frequency Weekly
Publisher Bauer
Total circulation
(Jan-June 2013)
Year founded 1987
First issue 29 January 1987
Country United Kingdom
Based in London
Language English

Bella is a weekly magazine aimed at women, currently published in the United Kingdom by H Bauer Publishing,[1] the UK subsidiary of the German-owned family business, the Bauer Media Group.

History and profile

Bella was started in 1987.[2] The first issue was published on 29 January 1987.[3] It was the first magazine published in the UK by Bauer and continues to be one of the strongest selling women's magazines in the country overall. A new issue is published every Tuesday. The headquarters of the magazine is in London.[2]

For the first half of 2013 Bella had a circulation of 209,022 copies.[4]


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