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Bellhops Moving Help (previously Campus Bellhops) is a moving service founded in 2011,[1] and is currently headquartered in Chattanooga, TN. Operating in over 120 US cities, Bellhops employs college students and offers moving and lifting services to the community within a 15-mile radius surrounding each campus.


Campus Bellhops was started by Stephen Vlahos and Cameron Doody. In the summer of 2011, they promoted their service at Auburn University's freshmen orientation and in a welcome book that went out to all students[2] . Though they aimed to schedule 30-40 moves from their efforts, they managed 250 moves during a three-day weekend. The following January, Vlahos began working for Campus Bellhops full-time, and they hired eight Campus Directors at eight of the largest Southeastern Conference schools . These directors in turn hired student bellhops to help perform moves. Vlahos connected with the Lamp Post Group, a venture capital firm in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Campus Bellhops was officially headquartered in Chattanooga.[3] On February 1, 2014, Campus Bellhops rebranded to the name Bellhops, after their business had expanded beyond college dorm moving services.

How Bellhops Works

When booking a move with Bellhops, users request a time, a number of bellhops, and a number of hours to either load up, unload, or move from point A to point B (if both points are within radius of a Bellhops location). Bellhops in that market then have the opportunity to claim the job through the phone app. Each move has a captain (leader), and any other bellhop is called a wingman.

Bellhops recommends that customers place an order at least 48 hours in advance to ensure that it gets filled. Bellhops will take orders with shorter notice, but may ask the customer for some flexibility in scheduling the job.

At the beginning of the move, the bellhops clock in on site, either by text or through the phone app. If they’ve enabled text message updates, customers will receive a text when their bellhops have clocked in. At the end of the move, the bellhops will clock out in the same manner. The customer will then receive a confirmation email, where they must confirm the job time. They will also have the opportunity to rate their bellhops, as well as their overall experience. Once confirmed, the customer will be emailed a receipt.

Student Worker Requirements

In order to become a bellhop, each worker must undergo a background check, and must have a registered .edu email address, which ensures that they are in fact a college student.

Benefits of Bellhops

Those who are moving have the option of using a full service company, DIY, or something in between. Bellhops allows customers to control the details of their move, from scheduling, how much lifting help they get, what products they would like to use, and what size truck they will need.

Trucks and other moving products at this time are not included with the Bellhops service.


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