California State Assembly

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California State Assembly
California State Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Term limits
Elected before 2012:
3 terms (6 years)
Elected 2012 and after:
6 terms (12 years)
New session started
December 1, 2014
Anthony Rendon (D)
Since March 7, 2016
Speaker pro Tempore
Kevin Mullin (D)
Since December 1, 2014
Majority Leader
Ian Calderon (D)
Since March 10, 2016
Minority Leader
Chad Mayes (R)
Since January 4, 2016
Seats 80
Composition of the California State Assembly
Political groups
  Democratic (52)
  Republican (28)
Length of term
2 years
Authority Article 4, California Constitution
Salary $95,291/year + per diem
Last election
November 4, 2014
Next election
November 8, 2016
Redistricting California Citizens Redistricting Commission
Legislatorum est justas leges condere
("It is the duty of legislators to pass just laws.")
Meeting place
State Assembly Chamber
California State Capitol
Sacramento, California
California State Assembly

The California State Assembly is the lower house of the California State Legislature. It consists of 80 members, with each member representing at least 465,000 people. Due to the state's large population and relatively small legislature, the State Assembly has the largest population-per-representative ratio of any state lower house and second largest of any legislative lower house in the United States after the federal House of Representatives. As a result of Proposition 140 in 1990 and Proposition 28 in 2012, members elected to the legislature prior to 2012 are restricted by term limits to three two-year terms (six years), while those elected in or after 2012 are allowed to serve 12 years in the legislature in any combination of four-year state senate or two-year state assembly terms.[1]

Members of the assembly are generally referred to using the titles assemblyman (for men), assemblywoman (for women), or assemblymember (for all genders).

The State Assembly convenes at the California State Capitol in Sacramento.

In the current session, the Democrats control 52 seats, while Republicans control 28. 54 seats are needed for a supermajority.


The Speaker presides over the State Assembly in the chief leadership position, controlling the flow of legislation and committee assignments. The Speaker is elected by the majority party caucus, followed by confirmation of the full assembly. Other leaders, such as the majority and minority leaders, are elected by their respective party caucuses according to each party's strength in the chamber.

The current Speaker is Democrat Anthony Rendon (63rdParamount). The majority leader is Democrat Ian Calderon (57thWhittier), while the minority leader is Republican Chad Mayes (42ndYucca Valley).

Meeting chamber

The chamber's green tones are based on the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. The dais rests along a wall shaped like an "E", with its central projection housing the rostrum. Along the cornice appears a portrait of Abraham Lincoln and a Latin quotation: legislatorum est justas leges condere ("It is the duty of legislators to pass just laws"). Almost every decorating element is identical to the Senate Chamber.

Candidate qualifications

To run for the Assembly, a candidate must be a United States citizen and a registered voter in the district at the time nomination papers are issued and may not have served three terms in the State Assembly since November 6, 1990. According to Article 4, Section 2(c) of the California Constitution, the candidate must have one year of residency in the legislative district and California residency for three years.


The Chief Clerk, the Sergeant-at-Arms, and the Chaplain are not members of the Legislature. The Sergeant-at-Arms protects the members of the California State Assembly. This position has existed since December 15, 1849, when Samuel N. Houston became the Assembly's first Sergeant-at-Arms.

Current session


Composition of the California State Assembly
  Democratic Party
  Republican Party
52 28
Democratic Republican
Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 55 24 79 1
Begin 52 28 80 0
December 1, 2015 51 28 79 1
April 13, 2016 52 28 80 0
Latest voting share 65% 35%


Position Name Party District
Speaker Anthony Rendon Democratic 63rd–Paramount
Speaker emeritus Toni Atkins Democratic 78th–San Diego
Speaker pro tempore Kevin Mullin Democratic 22nd–South San Francisco
Assistant speaker pro tempore Autumn Burke Democratic 62nd–Marina del Rey
Majority floor leader Ian Calderon Democratic 57th–Whittier
Assistant majority floor leader Jim Cooper Democratic 9th–Elk Grove
Majority whip Miguel Santiago Democratic 53rd–Los Angeles
Democratic whip Nora Campos Democratic 27th–San Jose
Assistant majority whip Evan Low Democratic 28th–Campbell
Majority caucus chair Mike Gipson Democratic 64th–Carson
Minority leader Chad Mayes Republican 42nd–Yucca Valley
Assistant minority leaders Frank Bigelow Republican 5th–O'Neals
Jay Obernolte Republican 33rd–Big Bear Lake
Kristin Olsen Republican 12th–Riverbank
Minority caucus chair Brian Jones Republican 71st–Santee
Minority floor leader Marie Waldron Republican 75th–Escondido
Deputy minority floor leader Bill Brough Republican 73rd–Dana Point
Chief minority whip James Gallagher Republican 3rd–Nicolaus
Minority whips Ling Ling Chang Republican 55th–Diamond Bar
Beth Gaines Republican 6th–Roseville
Chief Clerk E. Dotson Wilson
Sergeant-at-Arms Ronald Pane
Chaplain Father Constantine Papademos

The Chief Clerk, the Sergeant-at-Arms, and the Chaplain are not members of the Legislature.

Seating chart

Patterson Linder Gallagher Olsen Wilk Mayes Calderon Gipson Alejo Holden Williams Chu
Grove Dahle Steinorth Maienschein Brough Waldron Ting Gray Mullin Chiu Harper Mathis
Lackey Baker Brown McCarty Gordon Daly Weber Gonzalez Bloom Ridley-Thomas Wagner Chávez
Gaines Obernolte Wood Cooley Levine Chau Jones Chang Allen Kim Dababneh Quirk
Santiago Nazarian Burke Campos Hernandez Bonta Gomez Low Bigelow Hadley C. Garcia López
Atkins Eggman Salas Thurmond Frazier Jones-Sawyer Gatto Dodd Achadjian Melendez Bonilla Irwin
Medina Rodriguez E. Garcia Rendon Arambula O'Donnell Stone Cooper


Current committees include:[2]



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