Doctor of Liberal Studies

The Doctor of Liberal Studies degree, abbreviated (D.L.S.), for the Latin Doctor Liberalium Studiorum, is an advanced academic degree offered by Georgetown University, Southern Methodist University and other research universities.[1][2] Doctor of Liberal Studies programs are typically geared for accomplished professionals seeking a rigorous interdisciplinary academic program that can be tailored to their established expertise. Admissions to D.L.S. programs are very competitive, and cohorts typically consist of six to 15 students. All D.L.S. candidates already hold advanced degrees, typically more than one.[3] Rather than pursue research in a specific discipline, D.L.S. students create new knowledge through the synthesis of research from multiple disciplines. The U.S. Department of Education and the National Science Foundation recognize numerous research-oriented doctoral degrees such as the Doctor of Liberal Studies (D.L.S.) as "equivalent" to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and does not discriminate between them.

Through the required foundational courses in the humanities, specifically philosophy, theology, history, art, literature, and the social sciences, the Doctor of Liberal Studies establishes the intellectual and scholarly context needed to carry out serious interdisciplinary study and research in ethics and crucial issues in contemporary thought. Graduates of the program typically return to their established careers domains, including national security, journalism, health care, education, law and other areas. A growing number have also secured respected university positions, including those on the tenure-track and in higher administration.[4][5][6][7][8]


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