Echo Music Prize


Awarded for Outstanding achievements in the music industry
Country Germany
Presented by Deutsche Phono-Akademie
First awarded 1992
Official website
Television/Radio coverage
Network Das Erste (2009–present)

Echo (stylised as ECHO, German pronunciation: [ˈɛço]) is an accolade by the Deutsche Phono-Akademie an association of recording companies of Germany to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry. The first ECHO Awards ceremony was held in 1992, and it was set up to honor musical accomplishments by performers for the year 1991, succeeding the Deutscher Schallplattenpreis which were awarded since 1963. Each year's winner is determined by the previous year's sales. Winners in the pop category are announced in March; the winners in the classical category in October.


First held with 350 people in the Flora[1] in Cologne in 1992,[2] the award ceremony in Frankfurt was televised and the classical awards were moved to a separate event, Echo Klassik, in Cologne in 1994.[3] Until 1995, only invited guests could attend the ceremony.[4] It was held in Munich,[1] and in 2001, the venue was moved from Hamburg to Berlin[5] because of subsidies of up to 20 million euros, although a return in 2004 was considered.[6] In 2009, the venue in Berlin was moved to O2 World.[7]


The trophy was designed by Oliver Renelt when he was a student at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg. It is stainless steel, and is 40 centimetres (16 in) tall and weighs 2 kilograms (4.4 lb).[1] It depicts half a disc with notes flowing into it from a globe, and the design was the winner of a competition held for that purpose.[4]

Ceremony locations

Year Venue City Presenter(s)
1992 Flora Cologne Kristiane Backer
1993 Wintergarten Berlin Susann Pingel
1994 Alte Oper Frankfurt Fritz Egner
1995 Bavaria Film- und Fernsehstudios Munich Reinhold Beckmann
1996 Congress Center Hamburg Hamburg Thomas Ohrner
1997 Congress Center Hamburg Hamburg Axel Bulthaupt
1998 Congress Center Hamburg Hamburg Axel Bulthaupt
1999 Congress Center Hamburg Hamburg Kim Fisher
2000 Congress Center Hamburg Hamburg Kim Fisher
2001 ICC Berlin Berlin Frauke Ludowig
2002 ICC Berlin Berlin Frauke Ludowig
2003 ICC Berlin Berlin Frauke Ludowig, Oliver Geissen
2004 ICC Berlin Berlin Oliver Geissen
2005 Estrel Convention Center Berlin Yvonne Catterfeld, Oliver Geissen
2006 Estrel Convention Center Berlin Michelle Hunziker, Oliver Geissen
2007 Palais am Berliner Funkturm Berlin Yvonne Catterfeld, Oliver Geissen
2008 ICC Berlin Berlin Nazan Eckes, Oliver Geissen
2009 O2 World Berlin Barbara Schöneberger, Oliver Pocher
2010 Palais am Berliner Funkturm Berlin Sabine Heinrich, Matthias Opdenhövel
2011 Palais am Berliner Funkturm Berlin Ina Müller, Joko Winterscheidt
2012 Palais am Berliner Funkturm Berlin Ina Müller, Barbara Schöneberger
2013 Palais am Berliner Funkturm Berlin Helene Fischer
2014 Messe Berlin Berlin Helene Fischer
2015 Messe Berlin Berlin Barbara Schöneberger

Echo Awards

The Kastelruther Spatzen have won 13 Echo Awards in the category Volksmusik which is more than any other artist; the awards were in 1993, 1996–2003, 2006–2010.

Selected pop categories

Best National Rock/Pop Male Artist

Best National Rock/Pop Female Artist

Best International Rock/Pop Male Artist

Best International Rock/Pop Female Artist

Best National Rock/Pop Group

Best International Rock/Pop Group

Best International Rock/Alternative

Single of the Year

Single of the Year (National)

Single of the Year (International)

Album of the Year

Best National Newcomer

Best International Newcomer

Honorary Award

Echo Klassik

Main article: Echo Klassik

Following its first edition as a separate event in Cologne in 1994, Echo Klassik has been held in the Semperoper in Dresden in 1996 and 2009,[11] in Dortmund in 2003,[12] in Gasteig in Munich from 2004 to 2008. In 2011 it was held in Essen.[13]

Echo Jazz

Since 2010, Echo Jazz awards have been given in thirty categories, including ensemble of the year, male and female singer of the year, record label, and lifetime achievement. In 2012 the criteria for entry included album release date and "two outstanding reviews from music journalists." Conductor Claus Ogermann was given the ECHO Jazz Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012.[14] Awards are decided by a twelve-member jury based on critical and commercial appeal.[15][16]


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