Encyclopédie berbère

Encyclopédie berbère (English: Berber Encyclopaedia) is a French-language encyclopaedia dealing with subjects related to the Berbers. It was launched in 1984 under the aegis of UNESCO and is published by Editions Edisud. Its first editor-in-chief was Gabriel Camps. After his death in 2002, he was succeeded by Salem Chaker, Professor of Berber languages at the Aix-Marseille University Volume 27 ("Kairouan - Kifan Bel-Ghomari") appeared in 2005.[1] Encyclopédie berbère joined from fascicle XXX (December 2010), the publishing house Peeters Publishers, already engaged in Berber studies field.[2]

Encyclopédie berbère
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  • 14 editors
  • 17 godfathers
  • Édisud (1984–2010)
  • Peeters (2010–)
Publication date
Media type37 fascicles, 3 in press[1]
  • 100 p. (in average)
  • 124 cm
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