Food hall

Confectionery counter, Harrods Food Hall, London
Eliseevsky Gastronom, Moscow

Food hall, according to the Oxford dictionary, is a British term defined as "a large section of a department store, where food is sold",[1] as opposed to a food court, defined as a North American term meaning "an area in a shopping mall where fast-food outlets are located".[2] However the term "food hall" in the British sense is increasingly used in the United States[3][4][5] and in both American and British references to similar gourmet facilities in other countries. In some Asia-Pacific countries, however "food hall" is equivalent to a North American "food court", or the terms are used interchangeably.

Gourmet food hall may also exist in the form of what is nominally a public market, for example in Stockholm's Östermalm Saluhall[6] or Mexico City's Mercado Roma.

List of food halls


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