Freaky Styley Tour

Freaky Styley Tour
Tour by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Promotional poster for October 31, 1986 show
Associated album Freaky Styley
Start date January 3, 1985
End date December 31, 1986
Red Hot Chili Peppers concert chronology
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The Freaky Styley Tour (also known as the Infinity Tour) was a concert tour by Red Hot Chili Peppers to support their second studio album Freaky Styley. The album and tour saw the return of founding member and guitarist, Hillel Slovak who had replaced his own replacement, Jack Sherman. The Freaky Styley Tour was even more successful than the band's previous tours and started to gain them much more underground attention. A music video for the band's single, "Jungle Man" was filmed by then manager, Lindy Goetz during various tour dates.

In the spring of 1986 while still on tour, the band started work on their next album, The Uplift Mofo Party Plan however by this time drummer Cliff Martinez felt he no longer had the heart to continue with the band but instead of quitting, Kiedis and Flea fired him. Martinez was quickly replaced by founding member Jack Irons who joined the band to complete the Freaky Styley tour. This marked the first time since 1983 when the original lineup of the band toured together.

During the tour, both Kiedis and Slovak developed severe drug problems and following the tour, drug problems for Kiedis were so bad that he was briefly fired from the band and given a month to rehabilitate. The tour saw the band open for a few notable artists at the time such as Run DMC, The Alarm and X. The band also featured two up and coming groups, Guns N' Roses and Beastie Boys as their openers for a few dates on this tour. Over 25 years later the three groups were inducted into the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame together.

Songs performed


Song Album
"Baby Appeal" The Red Hot Chili Peppers (1984)
"Buckle Down"
"Get Up and Jump"
"Grand Pappy Du Plenty"
"Green Heaven"
"Mommy Where's Daddy?"
"Out in L.A."
"Police Helicopter"
"True Men Don't Kill Coyotes"
"You Always Sing the Same"
"Why Don't You Love Me?" (Hank Williams)
"American Ghost Dance" Freaky Styley (1985)
"Blackeyed Blonde"
"The Brother's Cup"
"Catholic School Girls Rule"
"Freaky Styley"
"Hollywood (Africa)" (The Meters)
"If You Want Me to Stay" (Sly and the Family Stone)
"Jungle Man"
"Lovin' and Touchin'"
"Sex Rap"
"Thirty Dirty Birds"
"Yertle the Turtle"
"Backwoods" The Uplift Mofo Party Plan (1987)
"Behind the Sun" (intro only)
"Me and My Friends"
"Organic Anti-Beat Box Band"
"Party On Your Pussy"
"Fire" (Jimi Hendrix) The Abbey Road E.P. (1988)
"Stranded" Out In L.A. (1994)

Cover songs

Song Artist
"Anarchy in the U.K." Sex Pistols
"Cat Scratch Fever" Ted Nugent
"Cosmic Slop" Parliament Funkadelic
"Foxy Lady" The Jimi Hendrix Experience
"Get Up, Stand Up" Bob Marley and the Wailers
"Heartbreaker" Led Zeppelin
"Nervous Breakdown" Black Flag
"How Many More Times" Led Zeppelin
"Rapper's Delight" The Sugarhill Gang
"Theme from Rocky" Bill Conti
"We Got the Neutron Bomb" The Weirdos

Tour overview

All fourteen songs from the album have been performed live. During the latter parts of the tour after Irons rejoined the band started to perform songs from their next album, 1987's The Uplift Mofo Party Plan like "Backwoods", "Me and My Friends", "Organic Anti-Beat Box Band", and "Party on Your Pussy". "Me and My Friends" would go on to become one of the band's most played songs and has been heavily performed on every tour since this one.

This tour marked the last time "The Brother's Cup", "If You Want Me to Stay", "Stranded" and "Why Don't You Love Me?" were performed live. "If You Want Me to Stay" was teased only a few times since, most recently as of 2007. Kiedis did perform the song with The Roots during his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in November 2014 and again in May 2015 with bandmate Josh Klinghoffer during a short acoustic set following his receiving of the George and Ira Gershwin Award for Lifetime Musical Achievement, presented at the UCLA Spring Sing.

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