Guitar Rig

Guitar Rig 5 PRO

Guitar Rig 3
Developer(s) Native Instruments
Stable release
5.2.1 / January 1, 2016 (2016-01-01)
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Type Guitar multi-effects processor
License Proprietary
Website Native Instruments product page
Demo of Guitar Rig 4
"Wet" guitar followed by "dry" DI guitar

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Guitar Rig is an amp and effects modeling software package developed by Native Instruments. Primarily designed for electric guitar and bass, the software uses amplifier modeling to allow real-time digital signal processing in both standalone and studio (VST/DXi/RTAS/AU) environments.[1]

It was originally released in mid-2004.[2]


The Guitar Rig environment is a modular system, providing capabilities for multiple amplifiers, effects pedals and rack mounted hardware. The software simulates a number of devices such as preamplifiers, cabinets and microphones under pseudonyms (such as renaming the Shure SM57 as the "Dynamic 57").

The system allows customisation of module parameters either through manipulation of the graphical interface, use of a MIDI controller or employment of the RigKontrol. Settings can be saved as presets and exported and shared with other users. Version 3 included a redesigned interface to allow improved preset categorisation and customised interfaces for "live" use.[3]

Before version 3 was released, the graphical user interface simulated amplifier logos and design construction. In version 3, this was replaced with a generic name in the default Guitar Rig typeface.


The RigKontrol is a foot-operated USB and MIDI controller. It contains an audio interface and DI box,[4] allowing integration with live sound environments.

The device can operate Guitar Rig using eight switches and an expression pedal. Earlier versions of the device contained only six switches and an expression pedal, and did not support interfacing functionality.[5]


Guitar Rig includes the following components, many of them modeled after or inspired by pieces of hardware (named in parentheses).




Control Room (Pro):

Cabinets & Mics (Legacy):

Effects units

Delay & echo
Special FX


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