H. D. L. Vervliet

Hendrik Désiré Louis 'Dis' Vervliet (Antwerp, 31 December 1923 – 5 August 2020) was a Belgian librarian and historian of books and printing.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


Vervliet received a doctorate in classical philology in 1955.[7] In his career, Vervliet worked as deputy director of the Museum Plantin-Moretus,[8] professor and librarian of the University of Antwerp[9][10] and as professor of book and library history of the University of Amsterdam.[8][11][12] In 1968 he became a member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts in the humanities class.[7] His wife was Irma Regemortels (1928-2006), also a librarian.[4][13]


In his writing on the history of books, Vervliet was particularly known for his work on printing in the sixteenth century in France, Belgium and the Netherlands,[14][15][16] and the work of Robert Granjon.[17][18][19][20] In 2013, Ton Croiset van Uchelen wrote that he "is now generally recognised as the authority on the sixteenth-century typefaces of Western Europe."[8]

After retiring, Vervliet published extensively, in his eighties completing publishing two large volumes on printing in the French renaissance.[15] In his nineties he additionally completed a book on Granjon's floral ornaments,[17] and then a book covering Granjon's entire career published at the age of 94.[18] Returning to the topic of civilité types, which he had published on at the start of his career, at the time of his death he had recently published a paper extending his earlier research on the types of Philippe Danfrie[21] and was working on another paper on Granjon's civilité types.[22][21][23]

A festschrift was published for Vervliet in 1988.[5]


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