High Voltage!: A Brief History of Rock

High Voltage!: A Brief History of Rock
Studio album by Various Artists
Released 31 May 2006
Genre Alternative rock, alternative metal, hardcore punk
Label Kerrang!
Various Artists chronology
Master of Puppets: Remastered
High Voltage!: A Brief History of Rock
Kerrang! Awards 2006

High Voltage!: A Brief History of Rock is a Kerrang! covermount CD released on May 31, 2006, featuring many older rock songs, covered by newer rock artists.

Track listing

  1. "Start Today" - Fall Out Boy (Originally by Gorilla Biscuits) (2.01)
  2. "Die, Die My Darling" - Aiden (Originally by The Misfits) (3.17)
  3. "Walk" - Avenged Sevenfold (Originally by Pantera) (5.15)
  4. "Holy Diver" - Killswitch Engage (Originally by Dio) (4.05)
  5. "Buddy Holly" - Biffy Clyro (Originally by Weezer) (5.15)
  6. "My Own Summer (Shove It)" - Fightstar (Originally by Deftones) (3.36)
  7. "Jesus Christ Pose" - The Dillinger Escape Plan (Originally by Soundgarden) (5.43)
  8. "Head Like a Hole" - Still Remains (Originally by Nine Inch Nails) (5.07)
  9. "Simple Man" - Deftones (Originally by Lynyrd Skynyrd) (6.15)
  10. "Sweet Emotion" - The Answer (Originally by Aerosmith) (3.50)
  11. "Crazy Train" - Bullet for My Valentine (Originally by Ozzy Osbourne) (4.50)
  12. "Digging the Grave" - 36 Crazyfists (Originally by Faith No More) (2.55)
  13. "Symphony of Destruction" - Arch Enemy (Originally by Megadeth) (3.56)
  14. "You Give Love a Bad Name" - Atreyu (Originally by Bon Jovi) (3.23)
  15. "Straight Edge" - NOFX (Originally by Minor Threat) (2.13)
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