Holm Land

Holm Land (Danish: Holms Land), sometimes referred to as "Hahn Land",[1] is a peninsula in King Frederick VIII Land, northeastern Greenland.[2] Administratively it belongs to the NE Greenland National Park area.

Holm Land
Holm Land
LocationEast Greenland
Coordinates80°20′N 18°10′W
Adjacent bodies of water
Length88 km (54.7 mi)
Width42 km (26.1 mi)
Highest elevation1,627 m (5338 ft)
Greenland (Denmark)
ZoneNE Greenland National Park

This peninsula was named by the 1906-1908 Denmark expedition after Danish naval officer and Arctic explorer Gustav Frederik Holm.[3]


Holm Land is bounded in the north by the Ingolf Fjord, in the east by the Greenland Sea and in the south by the Hekla Sound and the Dijmphna Sound. Hanseraq Fjord is a small fjord in the eastern coast.[2] To the south lie Lynn Island and larger Hovgaard Island. A great part of inner Holm Land is covered by an ice cap.

Eskimonæsset is the peninsula's northeasternmost point where there are archaeological remains of ancient Inuit dwellings found by the ill-fated Denmark Expedition.[2]

Holm Land is mountainous, especially in its western part where the Princess Caroline Mathilde Alps (Prinsesse Caroline Mathilde Alper) run from north to south across the western end of the peninsula. The highest point reaches 1,627 m (5,338 ft) at 80°28′28″N 19°36′38″W.

Steep cliffs make up most of the southern shore.[4] Mallemuk Mountain (Mallemukfjeldet) is a high plateau at the southeastern end with the most precipitous cliff section.[5][6]

Map of Northeastern Greenland.
1911 German map of NE Greenland showing Holm Land.


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