International Alliance of Libertarian Parties

International Alliance of Libertarian Parties
Abbreviation IALP
Formation March 6, 2015 (2015-03-06)[1]
Purpose Establish, maintain and promote worldwide libertarian political parties.
Headquarters Switzerland[2]
Region served
Geoffrey Neale
Slogan Liberty. Redefined.

The International Alliance of Libertarian Parties is an alliance of libertarian political parties across the world. Its mission is to promote libertarian politics internationally. The IALP has 18 members as of 2016.[3]

At the 2014 Libertarian National Convention in the United States, former chairman of the Libertarian National Committee Geoff Neale was appointed to help with the creation of an alliance of global Libertarian parties. On March 6, 2015 the IALP was formed with 9 founding members.[4][1]


Countries shaded in denote founding members of the IALP.

Country Party
Australia Liberal Democratic Party
Belgium Parti Libertarien
Canada Libertarian Party of Canada
Colombia Libertario
Czech Republic Party of Free Citizens
France Mouvement des Libertariens
Germany Party of Reason
Italy Libertarian Movement
Ivory Coast Liberté et Démocratie pour la République
Netherlands Libertarian Party
Norway Capitalist Party
Russia Libertarian Party of Russia
Scotland, UK Scottish Libertarians
South Africa Libertarian Party of South Africa
Spain Libertarian Party
Switzerland The Swiss Independence Party up!
Sweden Liberala partiet
United Kingdom Libertarian Party
United States Libertarian Party

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