Kalenić, Belgrade

Kalenić (Serbian Cyrillic: Каленић, Serbo-Croatian pronunciation: [kǎle̞nit͡ɕ]) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Vračar, centered on the Kalenić market, one of the main open green markets in Belgrade.


Kalenić is located 2 kilometers south-east of downtown Belgrade (Terazije), on the northern slopes of the Vračar hill. It extends into the neighborhoods of Čubura on the south, Crveni Krst on the east, Vukov Spomenik on the north and Krunski Venac on the west, in the direction of Cvetni Trg.


Kalenić is a busy commercial and residential area, a commercial and administrative center of the municipality as the building of the Municipal Assembly of Vračar is also located here. It is also one of the main traffic routes in the city, but as the neighborhood is older one, the streets are mostly narrow which causes traffic jams on daily basis (streets of Maksima Gorkog, Golsvordijeva, Krunska, etc.).

Kalenić market

Kalenić market or Kalenićeva pijaca (Cyrillic: Каленићева пијаца) is one of the most vibrant, popular open-air markets in Belgrade, and sees hundreds of shoppers each day. Stalls are roughly grouped according to their wares, and primarily feature locally-produced seasonal fruits, vegetables, artisanal cheeses, and a range of homemade baked goods, pickles, jams and fruit preserves. Concentrated in the centre and along one far wall are self-contained shops selling all types of meats (fresh and smoked) and fish; tucked in among these is a healthfood store well-stocked with everything from soymilk to organic tofu and dried seaweed. Imported condiments, sauces and chocolate drink mixes can also be found.

Kalenić features much more than just food: a vast range of fresh-cut flowers and potted plants are concentrated near a secondary entrance; new sleepwear, socks and underwear are sold at stalls which also carry second-hand shoes, sweaters and furs; antique housewares are dotted throughout the market, as are religious candles and Orthodox icons; batteries, laundry soap, lightbulbs, replacement vacuum bags, inexpensive pots and pans line another of its interior walls. It also features the gauntlet of pet stalls selling puppies, rabbits, small birds, fish and turtles out front. High-quality Serbian fast food shops ring its outer wall.


The market is scheduled to be reconstructed and remodelled in Spring 2008 with completion in early 2009. The redevelopment will create Belgrade's second high quality market with closed and open areas and extended facilities. During the works the market will be relocated to a park alongside the present site.

Coordinates: 44°48′00″N 20°28′31″E / 44.80000°N 20.47528°E / 44.80000; 20.47528

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