Kitchener Farmer's Market

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Entrance of current Kitchener Farmer's Market

The Kitchener Farmer's Market is one of the oldest continuous local farmer's markets in Canada. The market is located in Kitchener, Ontario and reflects the continued relationship of Kitchener with the Mennonite community (especially with vendors selling meats and baked goods) and farmers that continues to exist in the area.

The market has more than 60 farmer/vendors and is open weekly on Saturdays year-round.[1]


Site of original market and home of the market from 1973 to 2004
View of 1872 market (building on the right) in 1906 a year before it was rebuilt

The market traces its roots to 1839 as a local market selling farm goods from around the region. It was founded by entrepreneur and civic leader Jacob Y. Shantz (1822-1909), who was responsible for the market's first permanent and formal installation in 1869.[2]

The market remained in the same location (Frederick, King, Scott, and Duke Streets) but with three different buildings:[3]

In 1971, the city decided to tear down the market along with the second City Hall. This resulted in the market being relocated (in 1973) within what is now Market Square Shopping Centre.[2]

In 2004, the Farmer's Market relocated again to a larger site at 300 King Street East, between Cedar and Eby Streets.[2]

In the 140 years of its existence, the market has been a popular attraction for both locals and visitors.[2]

Today's Market

Since the 2004 relocation, the market has become more commercial operations. It is now open from Tuesdays to Saturdays for international food vendors as well as a weekly farmers' market on Saturdays.[2]

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