List of countries by refined petroleum exports

The following is a list of countries by exports of refined petroleum, including gasoline. Data is for 2012, in millions of United States dollars, as reported by The Observatory of Economic Complexity. Currently the top twenty countries are listed.

# Country Value
1 Netherlands72,296
2 Russia70,646
3 Singapore62,440
4 India52,905
5 United States51,929
6 South Korea51,540
7 Belgium31,689
8 Luxembourg31,689
9 United Kingdom30,125
10 Italy25,040
11 Malaysia23,924
12 United Arab Emirates21,319
13 Taiwan21,118
14 Kuwait17,943
15 Germany17,535
16 Spain16,904
17 France16,109
18 Belarus15,022
19 Saudi Arabia14,957
20 China14,536
21 Sweden13,363

References - Observatory of Economic complexity - Countries that export Refined Petroleum (2012)

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