List of fictional currencies

Fictional currency is the currency used in works of fiction. It may be used in alternative worlds, eras, or realities.

The use of "credits" is particularly common in futuristic settings, so much so that Sam Humphries has pointed it out as a cliché: "In any science-fiction movie, anywhere in the galaxy, currency is referred to as 'credits.'"[1] Credits are frequently envisioned as a form of electronic money.[2]


Work Currency Unit Symbol
In Time Time
Total Recall Credit
Demolition Man Credit[3]
Judge Dredd Cred
Escape from L.A. Blueback
Street Fighter Bison Dollars (pegged at an exchange rate of 1 Bison Dollar to 5 UK pounds sterling)
Spaceballs[4] Space buck
The Sword and the Sorcerer Talons[5]
The Flintstones clams and scallops
Star Wars[6] Galactic credit standard
Absolon Time
The Chronicles of Riddick (franchise) UD (Universal Denomination)
Heavy Metal Chronodollars ("Harry Canyon" segment); Zulacks ("Captain Sternn" segment)
Guardians of the Galaxy Units
Who Framed Roger Rabbit simoleons[5]
Transfer Norge ("Kingsy A" Segment); Sweden ("kingsy B" Segment); Denmark ("kingsy C" segment); Island ("kingsy D" segment)
The Adventures of Pluto Nash Hilliarys


Work Currency Unit Symbol
Star Trek (Ferengi)[7] Latinum (Bricks, bars, strips, slips)[8]
Star Trek (United Federation of Planets)[9] Federation credit
Star Trek (Klingons)[10] Darsek
Star Trek (Karemma)[11] Dirak
Star Trek (Takar)[12] Frang
Star Trek (Cardassians)[13] Lek
Star Trek (Bajor)[14] Lita
Star Trek (Triskelion)[15] Quatloo
Star Trek (Mari)[16] Renn
Babylon 5[17] Credit
Battlestar Galactica Cubit cb
seaQuest DSV (United Earth Oceans) UEO Credits
South Park[18] Parsohn (of space cash)
Firefly (TV series) Credits
Farscape[19][20] Credits, Brandar Tiles
Farscape (Scarren)[21] Crindars
Farscape (Uncharted Territories)[22][23] Fennik, Kretmas
Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Zanibitar
Red Dwarf[24] Dollarpound
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dimension X Dollar[25]
Terra Nova Terra
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (Zangyack) Zagin Z with two horizontal lines
Herman's Head Brain buck
Killjoys Joy[26]


Work Currency Unit Symbol
The Foundation Series Credit, Kalganids (second book)
Ender's Game (series) Credit
Graustark Gavvo
Discworld Ankh-Morpork dollar (other regional currencies include the Lancre shilling, the Omnian obol, the Agatean rhinu, and the Ephebean talent)[27] AM$
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Whuffie[28]
The Demon Princes Standard Value Unit(SVU)
Inheritance Cycle Crown
The Chronicles of Narnia (Calormen) Crescent
The Chronicles of Narnia (Narnia) Lion
Crosstime Traffic Benjamin, equal to 100 Dollars - a Dollar being a virtually worthless aluminium coin
Left Behind Nick
Alastor Ozol
Lyonesse Trilogy Copper Penny, Silver Florin (= 10 pennies), Gold Crown (= 10 florins)
Dread Empire's Fall[29] Zenith
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy[30] Altairian Dollar, Flanian Pobble Bead, Triganic Pu (subunit: Ningi (1/8))
Harry Potter series Galleon (subunits: Sickle (1/17), Knut (1/493)).
The Kingkiller Chronicle: Vintas Halfpenny/Penny (2 Halfpennies)/Bit (2.5 Pennies)/Quarter Bit (2 Bits)/Round (8 Quarter Bits)/Royal (10 Rounds)/Haft (10 Bits)/Noble (2 Hafts)/Reel (2.5 Nobles)/Five Reel Piece (5 Reels)
The Kingkiller Chronicle: Ceald Shim/Iron Drab (11 Shims)/Copper Jot (10 Drabs)/Silver Talent (10 Jots)/Gold Mark (10 Talents)
The Kingkiller Chronicle: Commonwealth Iron Penny (3 Shims)/Ha'Penny (3 Iron Pennies)/Copper Penny (2 Ha'Pennies)/Silver Penny (10 Copper Pennies)/Common (12 Silver Pennies)
Shardik, Maia Meld
The Great Explosion and And Then There Were None Ob (obligation)
Peter F. Hamilton: Night's Dawn Trilogy and other novels set in Confederation Space Jovian credit
Sprawl trilogy New Yen
A Song of Ice and Fire (Westeros) Gold Dragon (denominations: 1 Gold Dragon = 210 Silver Stags, 1 Silver Stag = 56 Copper Pennies; thus 1 Gold Dragon = 11,760 Copper Pennies)
Various Andre Norton SF novels Credit
Vorkosiverse (Lois McMaster Bujold).[31] Barrayaran Marks, Betan Dollars
Various World of Krynn Fantasy Novels Steel Piece
World of Greyhawk Novels and RPG system by Gary Gygax Iron Drab, Brass Bit, Bronze Zee, Copper Common, Silver Noble, Electrum Lucky, Gold Orb, Platinum Plate
The Wheel of Time penny, mark and crown[5]
Jame Retief Novels by Keith Laumer Galactic Unified Credits (GUC)
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor Wishes/Teeth
Perdido Street Station by China Miéville Stivers, Shekels, Guineas and Nobles
Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey Pernese Marks
Valérian and Laureline by Pierre Christin Bloutarks


Work Currency Unit Symbol
Avatar: The Last Airbender Water Tribe Money (Water Tribes) and Gold, Silver, and Copper Pieces (Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation)
Batman Beyond Credit
Bleach (Soul Society) Kan
The Adventures of Blinky Bill Gumnuts
Cowboy Bebop[32] Woolongs
C (anime) Midas Money
Deadman Wonderland Cast Points
Dragon Ball Zeni
Fairy Tail[33] Jewel
The Flintstones Clam
Fullmetal Alchemist Sen
Groo the Wanderer Kopins
Hunter × Hunter Jenny
Invader Zim Monies
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Vals[5]
Kirby Right Back At Ya D-Bill
The Legend of Korra Yuan
My Little Pony Tales Jangles
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Bits
Naruto Ryõ
One Piece[34] Belly (Beri)
One Piece (Sky Island)[34] Extol
Outlaw Star Wong
Space Dandy Woolongs
Sugar Sugar Rune Ecure
Sword Art Online Col or Yul
Trigun[35] Double dollars $$
Zero no Tsukaima Ecu

Role playing games

Work Currency unit Symbol
Shadowrun Nuyen ¥
Warhammer 40k Throne gelt tg
Dungeons and Dragons copper/silver/gold/platinum pieces

Video games

Work Currency unit Symbol
Animal Crossing series Bell
Asheron's Call Pyreal
Aion Kinah Q
Bayonetta Halo
Bioshock 1&2 Dollars
Bioshock Infinite Silver Eagles
Black Tiger Zenny
Blade Runner Chin-Yen
Blades of Time Souls
Bloodborne Blood Echoes
Breath of Fire series Zenny Ƶ
Cabal Online Alz
Cabals:The Card Game Influence
Call of Duty: Black Ops CoDP (Call of Duty Points) (This is a virtual currency, not a fictional one, the game does not pretend to give it value) ¢
Chronicles of Riddick series UD (Universal Denomination)
Dark Souls Souls
DC Universe Online Cash
Marks (PvP & PvE Gear)
Influence (PvP Gear)
Tokens (Seasonal Events)
Dead Rising 3 Zenny
Deadly Rooms of Death series Greckle
Demon's Crest Zenny
Destiny (video game) Glimmer
Deus Ex series Credit ¢ in Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War. V in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: The Fall.
Devil May Cry series Red Orbs
Dofus Kama K with two horizontal lines
Drakensang: The Dark Eye Ducat (gold), Thaler (silver), Farthing (copper)
The Elder Scrolls Septim, Drake (pre 3rd Era)
Entropia Universe PED
EVE Online Interstellar Kredit ISK
Aurum AUR
Fable series Gold
Fallout series Bottle Cap
Legion Denari, Legion Aureus,
Final Fantasy series Gil G
Flyff Penya
Forgotten Worlds Zenny
Fragoria Emeralds, Gold, Signs
Ghost of a Tale Florins The official currency of the five Rat Provinces.
God of War series Red Orbs
Gran Turismo series Credits Cr
Halo series credit cR
Requisition Point (Currency used in the online multiplayer modes, not in the narrative) RP
Story of Seasons series Gold
Killing Floor 2 Dosh Letter D with 2 horizontal lines
Kingdom Hearts series Munny
Kingdom of Loathing Meat
Mr. Accessory
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Gold
Mega Man: Battle Network series Zenny Ƶ
Mother 3 Dragon Power DP
Metin2 Yang
Legend of Zelda series Rupee
Lineage II Adena
Maple Story Meso
Mia's Big Adventure Collection Sparklies Diamond-like pieces of cut glass and plastic
The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Zenny
Minecraft Emeralds (formerly Rubies; used to trade with villagers)
Monster Hunter series Zenny z
Phantasy Star series Meseta A yellow diamond (a yellow triangle in earlier games)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice Dahma Letter D with two horizontal lines
Pokémon series Yen (Poke-Dollar in English releases)
Ragnarok Online Zeny Z
Ratchet & Clank series Bolts
Real Racing 3 Real Dollars R$
Roblox Robux (pegged at an exchange rate of 1 US Dollar to 400 Robux) R$
Rose Online Zulie
Sengoku Basara Zenny
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Energy
RuneScape Coins, chimes, pieces of eight, Runecoins, rusty coins, tokkul, trading sticks and others[36]
The Sims series
SimCity series (since SimCity 3000)
Simoleon §
Space Quest series Buckazoid bz
SPORE Sporebuck §
Starflight Monetary Unit M.U.
Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula Shyneum Pennie S.P.
Mass Effect Credit
Megami Tensei series Macca ћ
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Republic Credits
Star Wars: Force Unleashed series FP (Force Points)
Strider 2 Zenny
Suikoden series Potch
Tales series Gald
The Witcher series Oren
Wakfu Kama K with two horizontal lines
World of Warcraft Gold
X-Blades Souls
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX: Aim to be Duel King! DP (Duel Points)
Zork Zorkmid

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