Power of Shiva
Devanagari माहेश्वरी
Affiliation Devi, Matrika
Weapon Trident
Consort Shiva
Mount Bull

Maheshwari is the power of Lord Mahesh (Shiva), also known as Maheshwar. Maheshwari is also known by the names Raudri, Rudrani, Shankari, Shivaa and Maheshi, derived from Shiva's few names of Rudra, Shiv, Shankar and Mahesh. Maheshwari is depicted seated on Nandi (the bull) and has two, four or six hands. The white complexioned, the three eyed Goddess holds a trident, drum, a garland of beads, drinking vessel, axe and a skull-bowl. She is adorned with serpent bracelets, the crescent moon and a headdress formed of piled, matted hair, with a serpent on it. And just like Lord Shiva, she also wears a serpent around her neck.

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