Megaventory, Inc.
Industry Software as a Service
Founded US (2010)
Founder Kostis Mamassis (founder & CEO)
Number of locations
Offices in 2 countries
Area served
Products Web-based Inventory & Order Management Software

Megaventory has been created by technology company Megaventory, Inc. and is a cloud-based, small ERP application aimed at small and medium enterprises.[1]

Megaventory started being developed in the Greek island of Chios and later the team developing and supporting the product has been geographically distributed. The company has been self-funded since its establishment.[2]


Megaventory is a cloud platform for inventory management and order management which is aimed primarily at businesses with multiple users which handle physical goods in retail and wholesale. The platform is also connected with other solutions such as Magento (e-commerce), Salescast (demand forecasting), Zapier (connectivity with other applications) and QuickBooks Online (accounting).[3]


In 2010, Megaventory was among the 20 finalists in the Mini Seedcamp in Paris.[4]

Megaventory has been included in top software lists and reviewed by a number of industry sites[5][6] and has been included in the Maestrano cloud apps marketplace since October 2014.[7]

In 2015, the company announced its collaboration with Cosmote to provide the solution of the former company into the cloud marketplace of the latter.[8] Moreover, the solution is available at the corresponding cloud platform of NEC aimed at ISPs worldwide.[9]

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