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Editor Chantelle Horton
Categories fashion, women's lifestyle
Frequency Fortnightly (weekly from 2007)
Publisher Bauer Verlagsgruppe
Year founded 1988[1]
Final issue 2013
Country United Kingdom
Based in London
Language British English
Website issn =

More! was a fortnightly (then weekly) women's fashion magazine and associated website[2] published every Tuesday in the United Kingdom by Bauer London Lifestyle.[3] It included celebrity news, high street fashion, and sex tips. The magazine was published fortnightly until September 2007, when it became a weekly publication[1] to compete with Look. More USA is still published.

On 22 April 2013, Bauer Media Group announced that it would cease publication of More! Magazine and its website.[4] In its closing web comments, the publishers reported that continuing challenging economic conditions meant that the product was no longer viable.

History and profile

More! magazine was launched in 1988, aimed at older teenage girls. In 2002, it was relaunched as a lifestyle magazine for young women.[1]

The ABCs in August 2009 revealed a 17.3% growth of year-on-year circulation, making more! the UK's fastest growing glossy celeb weekly.

The magazine launched its own annual fashion awards in 2004.[5]

Also in 2009, the magazine sponsored The City[6] when it was shown on MTV.


According to the ABC, the magazine had an average net circulation of 188,265 from July to December 2010.[7]

Period Average net circulation (data[8]) Change year-on-year
Jan-June 2010 187,159 _
July-Dec 2010 188,265 _
Jan-June 2011 170,033 −9.7%


The content of More! magazine was divided into sections: "celebs", "fashion and beauty", "men and relationships" and "every week".

The fashion content in the magazine had an emphasis on affordable high street clothing - items from Primark, New Look and similar chains are often featured.

Regular features included:


Position Person
Editor Chantelle Horton
Deputy Editor Louise Burke
News and Entertainment Director Leigh Purves
Features Editor Louise Ward
Executive Style Director Sophie Stevens
Art Director Daniel Knight
Picture Director Tijen Denizmen
Production Editor Rebecca Morten


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