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Specialty gastroenterology
ICD-10 R07
ICD-9-CM 787.20
DiseasesDB 17942

Odynophagia (from the Greek roots odyno-, pain + -phagia, from phagein, to eat[1]) is painful swallowing, in the mouth (oropharynx) or esophagus. It can occur with or without dysphagia.[2]

Odynophagia often results in inadvertent weight loss. It can be caused by many conditions, including very hot or cold food or drink, drugs, ulcers and mucosal destruction, upper respiratory tract infections, immune disorders, epiglottitis,[3] cancers, and motor disorders.[2]


One presenting with odynophagia will report or complain of pain while swallowing. This pain while swallowing can be described as an ache, burning sensation, or occasionally a stabbing pain that radiates to the back.[4]

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