Out in L.A.

Out in L.A.
Compilation album by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Released November 1, 1994
Recorded 1983-1990
Genre Funk rock
Length 54:12
Language English
Label EMI/Capitol
Producer Various
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The Plasma Shaft
Out in L.A.
The Best of Red Hot Chili Peppers
Singles from Out in L.A.
  1. "Deck the Halls[1]"
    Released: 1994
Professional ratings
Review scores
Entertainment WeeklyB−[3]
Rolling Stone[4]

Out in L.A. is a compilation of rare tracks by the Red Hot Chili Peppers released November 1, 1994 on EMI.


The tracks contained are varied with the inclusion of four remixes, live cover songs by Jimi Hendrix and Thelonious Monk ("F.U." is a joke lyric over the melody of "Bemsha Swing"), the band's first demos and joke songs. The 1988 outtake, "Blues for Meister", which was the first song sung by Flea that the band released, was the only song released or recorded with then guitarist DeWayne McKnight and drummer D.H. Peligro who would soon be replaced by John Frusciante and Chad Smith that same year. Singer Anthony Kiedis does not appear on the track because he was going through a brief stint in drug rehab.

The songs "Stranded" and "Flea Fly" are two of the band's earliest recordings from 1983 when they went under the name Tony Flow And The Miraculously Majestic Masters Of Mayhem. The other demo recordings included come from the band's first demo tape are the first the band made and are described in Anthony Kiedis' autobiography Scar Tissue as being the most prolific sessions the band ever had. The demo recording was produced by Spit Stix, Flea's then bandmate in the legendary punk band, Fear. Four of these songs were recorded with Jack Sherman and Cliff Martinez on the band's first album however, these early versions are said to be the preferred ones as they capture the original vibe intended. Hillel Slovak's and Jack Irons's playing are instrumental to this. Many of these tracks were included in the remastered versions of the band's first two albums and it was these demos that eventually got the band their first shows and eventually a recording contract with EMI. The band's joke cover of "Deck the Halls" was released as a very rare 7" promotional jukebox single in 1994. "Knock Me Down" was featured as the track's b-side.[1]

Track listing

1."Higher Ground" (12" Vocal Mix)5:18
2."Hollywood (Africa)" (Extended Dance Mix)6:33
3."If You Want Me to Stay" (Pink Mustang Mix)7:03
4."Behind the Sun" (Ben Grosse Remix)4:43
5."Castles Made of Sand" (Live - Jimi Hendrix cover)3:18
6."Special Secret Song Inside" (Live)3:12
7."F.U." (Live - Thelonious Monk cover)1:17
8."Get Up and Jump" (Demo Version)2:37
9."Out in L.A." (Demo Version)1:56
10."Green Heaven" (Demo Version)3:50
11."Police Helicopter" (Demo Version)1:12
12."Nevermind" (Demo Version)2:09
13."Sex Rap" (Demo Version)1:35
14."Blues for Meister"  2:54
15."You Always Sing the Same" (Demo Version)0:16
16."Stranded"  0:24
17."Flea Fly"  0:39
18."What It Is"  4:03
19."Deck the Halls"  1:02



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