FB Glauberyt

Pistolet maszynowy wz. 1984

PM-84P Glauberyt
Type Machine pistol
Place of origin Poland
Service history
In service 1984-present
Used by Policja
Polish Army
Polish Military Gendarmerie
Iraqi Ground Forces
Wars Operation Iraqi Freedom
Iraqi insurgency
War in Afghanistan
Yugoslav wars
Production history
Designer OBR Radom
Designed 1981
Manufacturer FB Radom
Produced 1984-present
Variants PM-84 (Makarov ammunition version), PM-84P (Parabellum ammunition version), PM-98, PM-98S (increased auto fire to 770 rpm), PM-06 (with top rail to mount optical sights with silencer use & 3 position straight stock)
Weight 1.84 kg (PM-84)
2.17 kg (PM-84P)
2.30 kg (PM-98, PM-98S)
2.50 kg (PM-06)
Length 560 mm with stock extended / 354 mm stock collapsed (PM-84)
575 mm with stock extended / 375 mm with stock collapsed (PM-84P)
605 mm with stock extended / 405 mm with stock collapsed (PM-98, PM-98S)
615 mm with stock fully extended (3 position stock) / 392 mm with stock collapsed (PM-06)
Barrel length 165 mm (PM-84)
185 mm (PM-84P, PM-98, PM-98S, PM-06)
Width 51 mm (PM-84)
54 mm (PM-84P)
58 mm (PM-98, PM-98S)
62 mm (PM-06)
Height 160 mm (PM-84, PM-84P)
172 mm (PM-98, PM-98S)
224 mm (PM-06)

Cartridge 9×18mm Makarov (PM-84)
9×19mm Parabellum (PM-84P, PM-98, PM-98S, PM-06)
Action Straight blowback, closed bolt
Rate of fire 600 rounds/min (PM-84)
640 rounds/min (PM-84P, PM-98, PM-06)
770 rounds/min (PM-98S)
Muzzle velocity 330 m/s (PM-84)
360 m/s (PM-84P, PM-98, PM-98S, PM-06)
Effective firing range 75 to 200 m sight adjustment (9×19mm Parabellum)
Feed system 15-, 25-round box magazine
Sights Fixed, front post and rear flip-up sight with notch and aperture settings, 280 mm sight radius

The PM-84 Glauberyt is a Polish submachine gun. It is a personal weapon intended for combat and self-defense at ranges up to 150 m with single shot or fully automatic fire mode. It features a compact design, minimum overall dimensions, small weight, very good accuracy, and fire stability. It is designed for Heavy weapons platoons personnel and reconnaissance detachments, special anti-terrorist and police troops.

In service with the Polish military and police it replaced the earlier PM-63 RAK submachine gun.


The Glauberyt is a select-fire, straight blowback-operated firearm that fires from the closed bolt position. Its design influence can be seen to mimic the iconic Uzi. However it features a last shot bolt hold open/release like modern service pistols unlike any Submachine guns at its time. The PM-84/PM-84P also features ambidextrous charging handles on both sides (vz.61 Škorpion influenced). A 2 bar retractable butt stock tucks right into the side of the weapon. Magazine release is in the heel of the pistol grip. The Glauberyt feeds from 15-round flush magazines and 25-round extended magazines. Fire selector Z = SAFE, P = SEMI, C = FULL AUTO, sits above rear of the pistol grip. When the firearm is on SAFE, the bolt is locked and prevented from moving. A folding fore grip rests in front of the trigger guard (PM-63 RAK style), optional tactical flashlight/laser grip can also be mounted replacing the folding fore grip.

Modern PM-98/PM-06 variants utilizes a thumb magazine release. A new slot in the magazine is required to be cut out to work in the later Glauberyts.


PM-84 - Original 9×18mm Makarov model, replacing PM-63 RAK service.
PM-84P - 9×19mm Parabellum model, 1993 production onwards.
PM-98 - Model onwards, has the magazine release relocated to the thumb position, the charging handle is redesigned to be on the left side only, a more robust receiver and retractable butt stock, enlarged trigger guard for winter gloves, optional light/laser foregrip.
PM-98S - Special model where rate of fire increased to 770 rounds per minute in full auto.
PM-06 - Features a new 3 position telescopic butt stock that pulls out straight, a see through MIL-STD-1913 top rail to facilitate optical reflex sights, hooded front sight.
PM96S - Civilian semi-automatic only model of the PM84P
BRS-99 - Civilian semi-automatic only model of the Glauberyt.


A U.S. Army soldier firing a PM-98.
The PM-06 variant.
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