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Genre Reality television
Original release 1999 (New Zealand)

Popstars is an international reality television franchise and a precursor to the Idol series. The series first began in New Zealand in 1999 when producer Jonathan Dowling formed the five member all-girl group TrueBliss. Popstars remains one of the most successful TV show formats of all time with the format being sold to more than 50 countries. The show was the inspiration for Simon Fuller's Idols franchise.


Countries which had a version of Popstars

The series originated in New Zealand in 1999 when producer Jonathan Dowling formed the five member all-girl group TrueBliss. Dowling then licensed the concept to Screentime in Australia, who then on sold it to TresorTV in Germany before taking it worldwide. Popstars remains one of the most successful TV show formats of all time with the format being sold to more than 50 countries.

The show was the inspiration for Simon Fuller's Pop Idol franchise which would dominate reality TV, (along with Big Brother and Survivor) for the next few years.

Although Popstars had started successfully in most countries during the early 2000s, the shows gradually began to fail and were dropped by many broadcasters due to poor ratings. The last country where Popstars was still popular and successful – beside other casting shows such as The X Factor and Got Talent, as well as Idol – was Germany. In Germany, ProSieben produced the ninth season in 2010 because of the show's massive success in the ratings, but in 2012, Popstars was finally cancelled because of the poor and short success of the bands. In 2007, the show returned to France on M6 for one season. Since August 2008, there has also been a new version of Popstars on TV in the Netherlands. It has now ended its third season.

The Popstars series

Legend:      In production        No longer airing  

Country Local title Network Seasons, series and winners Other notable artists
Argentina Argentina Popstars: Tu Show Está Por Empezar Azul TV (1)
Telefé (2)
Season 1, 2001: Bandana
Season 2, 2002: Mambrú
Australia Australia Popstars Seven Network Season 1, 2000: Bardot
Season 2, 2001: Scandal'us
Season 3, 2002: Scott Cain
Popstars Live Season 1, 2004: Kayne Taylor Miranda Murphy
Austria Austria Popstars: Mission Österreich Puls 4
Season 1, 2011: Kilmokit
Belgium Belgium Pop Stars VT4 Season 1, 2001: Vanda Vanda
Brazil Brazil Popstars SBT Season 1, 2002: Rouge
Season 2, 2003: Br'oZ
Season 1: Kênia Boaventura
Season 1: Janaína Lima
Season 1: Maíra Charken
Season 1: Marjorie Estiano
Season 1: Quelynah
Canada Canada Popstars CTV Season 1, 2001: Sugar Jones Julie Crochetière
Popstars: Boy Meets Girl Global TV Season 2, 2002: Velvet Empire
Popstars: The One Season 3, 2003: Christa Borden
Colombia Colombia Popstars Canal Caracol Season 1, 2002: Escarcha
Denmark Denmark Popstars (1–3, 5)
Popstars Showtime! (4)
TV 2 (1–4)
Kanal 5 (5)
Season 1, 2001: EyeQ
Season 2, 2002: Jon Nørgaard
Season 3, 2003: Fu:el
Season 4, 2004: Maria Lucia
Season 5, 2014: Linnea
Season 2: Julie Berthelsen
Season 3: Emil Thorup
Ecuador Ecuador Popstars Teleamazonas Season 1, 2003: Kiruba
Season 2, 2004: La Coba
Finland Finland Popstars MTV3 Season 1, 2002: Gimmel
Season 2, 2004: INDX
Season 1: Jenni Vartiainen
Season 2: Jane
France France Popstars (1–2, 4–5)
Popstars - le duel (3)
M6 (1–4)
D8 (5)
Season 1, 2001: L5
Season 2, 2002: Whatfor
Season 3, 2003: Linkup
Season 4, 2007: Sheryfa Luna
Season 5, 2013: The Mess
Season 1: Louisy Joseph
Season 2: Chimène Badi
Season 3: Diadems
Season 3: M. Pokora
Season 4: Léa Castel
Germany Germany Popstars RTL II (1–2, 11)
ProSieben (3–10)
Season 1, 2000: No Angels
Season 2, 2001: Bro'Sis
Season 3, 2003: Overground
Season 4, 2004: Nu Pagadi
Season 5, 2006: Monrose
Season 6, 2007: Room 2012
Season 7, 2008: Queensberry
Season 8, 2009: Some & Any
Season 9, 2010: LaViVe
Season 10, 2012: Melouria
Season 11, 2015: Leandah
Season 3: Preluders
Season 5: Mandy Capristo
Season 5: Bisou
Greece Greece
Cyprus Cyprus
Popstars Mega TV Season 1, 2003: Hi-5
Hungary Hungary Popsztárok TV2 Season 1, 2002: Sugar & Spice
India India Coke [V] Popstars Channel V Season 1, 2002: Viva
Season 2, 2003: Aasma
Indonesia Indonesia Popstars Indonesia Trans TV Season 1, 2003: Sparx
Republic of Ireland Ireland Irish Popstars RTÉ One Season 1, 2002: Six Nadine Coyle
Italy Italy Popstars (1)
Superstar Tour (2)
Italia 1 Season 1, 2001: Lollipop
Season 2, 2003: Lucky Star
Season 1: Valentina Monetta
Kenya Kenya Coca-Cola Popstars Season 1, 2004: Sema
Malaysia Malaysia Popstars ntv7 Season 1, 2003: By'U
Mexico Mexico Popstars Televisa Season 1, 2002: T' de Tila Maria León (Playa Limbo)
Ana Brenda Contreras
Netherlands Netherlands Popstars: The Rivals RTL 4 Season 1, 2004: Men2B (boys), Raffish (girls)
Popstars SBS 6 Season 1, 2008: RED!
Season 2, 2009–10: Wesley Klein
Season 3, 2010–11: Dean Saunders
New Zealand New Zealand Popstars TV2 Season 1, 1999: TrueBliss
Norway Norway Popstars TV3 Season 1, 2001: Cape
Portugal Portugal Popstars SIC Season 1, 2001: Nonstop
Romania Romania Popstars Pro TV Season 1, 2003: Cocktail
Russia Russia PopStars (Стань звездой) Rossiya 1 Season 1, 2002: Drugie Pravila
Slovakia Slovakia Coca-Cola Popstar Markíza Season 1, 2001: Seven Days to Winter
Season 2, 2002: Misha
Season 3, 2003: Zuzana Smatanová
Season 4, 2004: Vetroplach
Season 5, 2005: Bystrík
Season 6, 2006: Ivo Bič
Season 7, 2007: Peoples
Season 8, 2008: Mária Čírová
Slovenia Slovenia Popstars Kanal A Season 1, 2002: Bepop
Season 2, 2003: Unique
Season 2: B.B.T.
Season 2: Hajdi Korošec
South Africa South Africa Popstars SABC 1 (1–2)
e.tv (3)
Season 1, 2002: 101
Season 2, 2004: Jamali
Season 3, 2010: Nne Vida
Spain Spain Popstars: Todo por un sueño Telecinco Season 1, 2002: Bellepop Roser
Sweden Sweden Popstars Kanal 5 Season 1, 2001: Excellence
Season 2, 2002: Supernatural
Season 3, 2003: Johannes Kotschy
Season 2: Martin Rolinski
Switzerland Switzerland Popstars TV3 Season 1, 2001: Tears
Tanzania Tanzania Coca-Cola Popstars Season 1, 2004: Wakilisha
Turkey Turkey Popstars Kanal D (1)
Show TV (2)
Season 1, 2003: Adibin
Season 2, 2004: Selçuk Demirelli
Uganda Uganda Coca-Cola Popstars Season 1, 2004: Blu3
Ukraine Ukraine Суперзірка (Superstar) 1+1 Season 1, 2010: Viktoriya Korzheniuk
United Kingdom United Kingdom Popstars (1)
Popstars: The Rivals (2)
ITV Series 1, 2001: Hear'Say
Series 2, 2002: Girls Aloud
Liberty X (finalists)
Darius Danesh
Warren Stacey
United States United States Popstars USA The WB Season 1, Spring 2001: Eden's Crush
Season 2, Winter 2001: Scene 23
Season 2: Josh Henderson

Number one singles

The following is a list of singles that reached #1 in the respective nations of the Popstars artists

Artist Nation Song title Date Album
Bandana Argentina"Guapas" December 2001 Bandana
"Cómo Puede Ser" February 2002
"Maldita Noche" May 2002
"Llega la Noche" August 2002 Noche
"Sigo Dando Vueltas" April 2003 Vivir Intentando
Mambrú "A Veces" November 2002 Mambrú
Scandal'us Australia"Me, Myself & I" April 2001 Startin' Somethin'
Bardot "Poison" April 2000 Bardot
Scott Cain "I'm Moving On" May 2002 Controlled Folly
Rouge Brazil "Não Dá Pra Resistir" July 2002Rouge
"Ragatanga (The Ketchup Song)" October 2002
"Brilha La Luna" April 2003C'est La Vie
"Um Anjo Veio Me Falar" October 2003
Br'oZ "Prometida" August 2003Br'oZ
Sugar Jones Canada "Days Like That" June 2002 Sugar Jones
Fu:el Denmark "Please Please" May 2003 Next, Please
Kiruba Ecuador"Quisiera" April 2003 Kiruba
"Camina" June 2003
"Como Extraño Tu Luz" August 2003
"Me Pierdo" November 2003
"Me Quedo Contigo" May 2004 Baila La Luna
No Angels Germany"Daylight in Your Eyes" February 2001 Elle'Ments
"There Must Be an Angel" August 2001
"Something About Us" May 2002 Now ... Us!
"No Angel (It's All in Your Mind)" April 2003 Pure
Bro'Sis "I Believe" December 2001 Never Forget (Where You Come From)
Overground "Schick mir 'nen Engel" November 2003 It's Done
Preluders "Everyday Girl" November 2003 Girls in the House
Nu Pagadi "Sweetest Poison" December 2004 Your Dark Side
Monrose "Shame" December 2006 Temptation
"Hot Summer" June 2007 Strictly Physical
Six Ireland "There's a Whole Lot of Loving Going On" February 2002 This Is It
Lollipop Italy"Down Down Down" April 2001 Popstars
Nonstop Portugal"Ao Limite Eu Vou" July 2001 Nonstop
Men2B Netherlands"Bigger than that" December 2004 A Different Way
Raffish "Plaything" December 2004 How Raffish are you?
TrueBliss New Zealand "Tonight" May 1999 Dream
Hear'Say United Kingdom "Pure and Simple" March 2001 Popstars
"The Way to Your Love" June 2001
Girls Aloud "Sound of the Underground" December 2002 Sound of the Underground
"I'll Stand by You" November 2004 What Will the Neighbours Say?
"Walk This Way" (with Sugababes) March 2007 Stand-alone single for Comic Relief
"The Promise" October 2008 Out Of Control

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