Portland Public Market

The original Portland Public Market building, with an eleven-story entryway tower in 1936

The Portland Public Market was a public market in Portland, Oregon, United States, built in 1933 at a widely advertised cost of $1 million. Controversial and ambitious, it was never as successful as the Carroll Public Market, centered at southwest Fifth and Yamhill Streets, which it was intended to replace.[1]

Three stories tall with eleven-story towers, three blocks long, and with features including a gas station, rooftop parking, and a 500-seat auditorium, it was primarily a novelty, and struggled to retain tenants until finally closing in 1942.[2] The architect was William G. Holford.

The building was leased to the U.S. Navy in 1943, then sold to The Oregon Journal in July 1946,[3] for use as the newspaper's operations plant starting in 1948.[1] After publishing from there for 13 years, the paper moved out in 1961, and the building stood unused until it was bought in 1968 by the City of Portland,[3] which demolished it the next year to make way for an expansion of Harbor Drive, which itself was largely replaced in 1974 by Tom McCall Waterfront Park.[4]

There is currently no permanent public market in the city, although plans are in progress to build the James Beard Public Market.[5]

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