Rainbow Books

For the series of U.S. government publications on computer security standards, see Rainbow Series. For pre-Internet communications protocols, see Coloured Book protocols. For "Reading Rainbow" children's television series, see Reading Rainbow.

The Rainbow Books are a collection of Compact Disc format specifications.

Red Book (1980)

Green Book (1986)

Yellow Book (1988)

Orange Book (1990)

Orange is a reference to the fact that red and yellow mix to orange. This correlates with the fact that CD-R and CD-RW are capable of audio ("Red") and data ("Yellow"); although other colors (other CD standards) that do not mix are capable of being burned onto the physical medium. Orange Book also introduced the standard for multisession writing.

Beige Book (1992)

White Book (1993)

Blue Book (1995)

Scarlet Book (1999)

Purple Book (2000)

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