Registrar of Companies

For the functions performed by the Registrar of Companies, see Companies House.

Registrar of companies is a public authority which is responsible for managing a companies register.

The Registrar of Companies for England, Wales & Scotland is the official responsible for Companies House, which deals with all filings relating to the Companies Act 1985 to 2006, e the document filings are kept up-to-date and deals with any breaches of the Companies Act.

The Registrar of Companies for England & Wales is Tim Moss, who is based at Companies House, Cardiff. [1]

The Registrar of Companies for Scotland is Dorothy Blair, who is based at Companies House, Edinburgh.[1]

The Registrar of Companies for Northern Ireland is Helen Shilliday, and her office is based in Belfast.[1]


India has one registrar of companies for each of the below regions. Each state typically has one registrar office or shares an office with neighbouring states and/or union territories. Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are the only states to have two offices and two registrar of companies. Puducherry is the only union territory to have its own office.

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