Road Trippin' Through Time

Road Trippin’ Through Time
Compilation album by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Released May 5, 2011
Recorded 1991–2006
Genre Funk rock, alternative rock
Length 1:18:09
Language English
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Rick Rubin
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Road Trippin' Through Time
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Road Trippin’ Through Time is a compilation album[note 1] by the Red Hot Chili Peppers that was released as a promotional only release in 2011. All songs on the compilation are from their tenure on Warner Bros. Records from 1991 to 2006.[1]

Track listing

[note 2]

1."Give It Away" (from the album Blood Sugar Sex Magik)4:43
2."Under the Bridge" (from the album Blood Sugar Sex Magik)4:24
3."Suck My Kiss" (from the album Blood Sugar Sex Magik)3:35
4."Scar Tissue" (from the album Californication)3:37
5."Breaking the Girl" (from the album Blood Sugar Sex Magik)4:55
6."Around the World" (from the album Californication)3:59
7."Otherside" (from the album Californication)4:15
8."Aeroplane[note 3]" (from the album One Hot Minute)4:10
9."Californication" (from the album Californication)5:21
10."By the Way" (from the album By the Way)3:36
11."Snow (Hey Oh)" (from the album Stadium Arcadium)5:36
12."Soul to Squeeze" (from the album Coneheads)4:50
13."Tell Me Baby" (from the album Stadium Arcadium)4:08
14."Dani California" (from the album Stadium Arcadium)4:42
15."The Zephyr Song" (from the album By the Way)3:52
16."Can't Stop" (from the album By the Way)4:29
17."Parallel Universe" (from the album Californication)4:31
18."Road Trippin'" (from the album Californication)3:26


  1. Promo Compilation released as foretaste for the release of I'm with You. Not available commercially.
  2. The Songs 15-17 are given on the jacket in the wrong order: 15. Can't Stop 16. Parallel Universe 17. The Zephyr Song.
  3. The Song 8. Aeroplane is a single edition, similar to the music video.



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