Roland MC-09

MC-09 PhraseLab
Manufacturer Roland Corporation
Dates 1998??
Technical specifications
Polyphony monophonic, rhythm: 3 tones
Timbrality 16-part
Synthesis type digital modelling synthesizer
Storage memory Lead preset patterns: 40, Bass preset: 60, Rhythm preset: 100, Effect preset: 30, User: 20, Optional SmartMedia Card: 50
Effects Filter, Isolator, Phaser, Slicer, Overdrive, Distortion, Ring Modulator
Keyboard No
External control MIDI in/out

The Roland MC-09 "PhraseLab" is a Roland synthesizer, described as a Roland TB-303 emulator featuring an effects processor and a 4-part phrase sampler.


The key features of the MC-09 are:


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