Sick Love

Sick Love
Studio album by V/Vm
Released 2000
Recorded 2000
Genre Electronic, Experimental
Label V/Vm Test
Producer V/Vm
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Sick Love
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Sick Love is an remix album by V/Vm consisting of remixed pop songs about love. Each song on the album has been meticulously pitch shifted in order to create a completely new melody, as well as to distort the musical and vocal recordings, achieving a darker tone than the original recording. The resulting album is a collection of vaguely recognizable love songs rendered 'sick' sounding and eerie, at times almost approaching Noise music. Through V/Vm's remixes, the vocalists sound more like monsters and the music suggests tension instead of affection. The affected tracks might feel more at home on a horror film soundtrack than on the radio. The single "The Lady In Red (Is Dancing With Meat)", a cover of Lady in Red, received some airplay in the UK and achieved single of the week in the NME.

Track listing

Compact Disc Release

  1. the best baby
  2. stay anuvva day
  3. the lady in red (is dancing with meat)
  4. i need love lard
  5. goodiepal's ....s (edit)
  6. only you ba da da da
  7. two can play that gammon
  8. just the way you are xx
  9. say nothing at all
  10. take my beef away
  11. sex you up
  12. words........
  13. the other side
  14. for evver and evva
  15. a perfect moment
  16. blue thighs (baby's got)
  17. do you want to know a sick-rat?
  18. spud girls two become 1
  19. angels
  20. mama mia tordis
  21. on my own why did it end.
  22. Untitled reworking of John Lennon's "Imagine", usually referred to as "Imagine"

Vinyl Release

  1. the best baby
  2. i need love lard
  3. just the way you are xx
  4. the rain
  5. take my beef away
  6. angels
  7. a perfect moment
  8. two can play that gammon
  9. words........
  10. together in electric drains
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