Taste the Pain

This article is about the Red Hot Chili Peppers single. For the video game, Wu-Tang: Taste the Pain, see Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style.
"Taste the Pain"
Single by Red Hot Chili Peppers
from the album Mother's Milk
B-side "Millionaires Against Hunger", "Show Me Your Soul"
Released October 14, 1989
Format CD
Recorded 1989
Genre Funk rock
Length 4:32 (album)
5:02 (Say Anything... version)
Label EMI
Writer(s) Flea, Frusciante, Kiedis, D.H. Peligro
Producer(s) Michael Beinhorn
Red Hot Chili Peppers singles chronology
"Knock Me Down"
"Taste the Pain"
"Show Me Your Soul"
12" pop-out sleeve single
This version of the single features a popout logo and band picture.
Music video
"Taste the Pain" on YouTube

"Taste the Pain" is a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers from the album Mother's Milk, and was the third and final single from that album. The music video was filmed with the band playing in an art room, where artists are in the middle of painting a mural artwork, directed by Tom Stern and Alex Winter.

The song was recorded prior to Chad Smith's joining the band; drums are played by Fishbone's Philip "Fish" Fisher and was the first song John Frusciante recorded with the band. When the song is played backwards, the voice heard at the start is Anthony Kiedis clearly singing the chorus. This song also features a trumpet solo by Flea. A slightly longer version of the song was featured on the film Say Anything... starring Kiedis' girlfriend at the time, Ione Skye.

The single contained two original B-sides. "Show Me Your Soul" was recorded during the Mother's Milk sessions and was also later released as a single in 1990. "Millionaires Against Hunger" was recorded during the 1985 Freaky Styley.

The single reached number twenty-nine in the UK—the highest position for the band up to that point.[1]

Despite being a popular single for the band they rarely performed it live and the song hasn't been performed live since the Mother's Milk tour.

Track listing

7" radio promo single (1989)
  1. "All for Love" by Nancy Wilson
  2. "Taste the Pain" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Unbridled Funk and Roll 4 Your Soul!" limited edition CD single (1989)
  1. "Taste the Pain" (album version)
  2. "Millionaires Against Hunger"
  3. "Castles Made of Sand" (live; unreleased)
  4. "Higher Ground" (Daddy-O Mix)
1990 UK CD single (1990)
  1. "Taste the Pain" (single version)
  2. "Taste the Pain" (LP version)
  3. "Show Me Your Soul" (unreleased)
  4. "Nevermind"
12" oop-out sleeve (1990)
  1. "Taste the Pain" (album version)
  2. "Show Me Your Soul" (unreleased)
  3. "If You Want Me to Stay"
  4. "Nevermind"
7" single (1990)
  1. "Taste the Pain" (album version)
  2. "Show Me Your Soul" (unreleased)
7" limited edition square disc single (1990)
  1. "Taste the Pain" (album version)
  2. "Show Me Your Soul" (unreleased)
  3. "Castles Made of Sand" (live; unreleased)
7" promo single (1990)
  1. "Taste the Pain" (album version)
  2. "Castles Made of Sand" (live; unreleased)
  3. "Special Secret Song Inside" (live; unreleased)
  4. "F.U." (live; unreleased)


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