That's Life (magazine)

For the Australian magazine, see That's Life! (Australian magazine).
That's Life
Categories real life
Frequency Weekly
Total circulation
(June 2013)
Year founded 1995
Company Bauer
Country United Kingdom
Based in London
Language English

That's Life! is a British magazine aimed toward a young female demographic and specialises in gritty real-life stories contributed by its readers. The magazine is published in the UK and Ireland by H Bauer Publishing, whose other titles include Take a Break and Bella.[2][3] The headquarters of That's Life is in London.[4][5]

Magazine background

That's Life was established in 1995.[5] The magazine is published on a weekly basis.[2] In addition to real-life stories,[3] the magazine also includes weekly features such as 'Aren't Men Daft', for which readers send in examples of 'daft' behaviour by their male friends and relatives; lifestyle, health and beauty advice; 'tightwad tips' in which readers are invited to share their ideas for money-saving around the home and many other features relevant to a modern woman's lifestyle.

Jo Checkley served as the editor of That's Life until March 2010 and Sophie Hearsey assigned to the post in April 2010.[3][6]

The magazine has an ethos of easy communication with its readers, with whom it prides itself upon a close and trusting relationship. Reader contribution are valued and respected, with substantial rewards paid for those willing to share their often heart-rending and moving stories.


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