Third World Network

The Third World Network (TWN) is a transnational alternative policy group and international network of organizations that produces and disseminates analyses, proposals and information tools related to ecological sustainability, development and North-South relations.[1][2]


TWN was formed in November 1984 in Penang, Malaysia at the concluding session of an International Conference on "The Third World: Development or Crisis?" organised by the Consumers' Association of Penang and attended by over a hundred participants from 21 countries. At this conference, TWN was formed to especially strengthen cooperation among development and environment groups in the South.

Periodic Publications

"Third World Resurgence" – a monthly magazine on development, ecology, economics, health, alternatives and South-North relations.

"Third World Economics" – a bi-monthly economics magazine focussing on the GATT/WTO, the World Bank/IMF, etc.

"SUNS bulletin" – the daily South-North Development bulletin published from Geneva, Switzerland.

TWN Features Service – a service to the media providing three features a week.


TWN's International Secretariat is in Penang (Malaysia) with offices in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Geneva (Switzerland). The Latin America Regional Secretariat is located in Montevideo (Uruguay) and the African Regional Secretariat is in Accra (Ghana).

African Division (TWN-Africa)

Uruguay Division (Red del Tercer Mundo)

Other TWN offices are in Goa, India and Geneva, Switzerland. TWN has stationed researchers all over in Delhi, Beijing, Manila, and Jakarta.


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