Jokel Bay

Jokel Bay (Danish: Jøkelbugten) is a large bay in North Eastern Greenland.[1] The area of the bay is uninhabited. Administratively Jokel Bay and its surroundings belong to the Northeast Greenland National Park.

Jokel Bay
Jokel Bay
Location in Greenland
Coordinates78°25′N 20°20′W
Ocean/sea sourcesGreenland Sea
Basin countriesGreenland
Max. length140 km (87 mi)
Max. width40 km (25 mi)
FrozenAll year round

The bay was named after an old Norse word for glacier —Icelandic: Jökull— by the ill-fated Denmark expedition.[2]

Jokel Bay is clogged by fast ice the year round.


Jokel Bay stretches for about 140 kilometers from north to south in the King Frederick VIII Land shore.

Lambert Land and Schnauder Island lie at the northern end by the Zachariae Isstrom glacier, while Duc d'Orleans Land and Gamma Island are at the southern end. All along the shore of the bay the Greenland ice sheet reaches down to the sea between skerries and the coast is broken down into two alignments of small islands.[3]

The Pic de Gerlache, an important landmark for the first explorers of the area, rises from a nunatak a few kilometers inland in the central zone of the bay.[1]

Map of Northeastern Greenland.


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