Karia Ba Mohamed

Karia Ba Mohamed is a town in northern Morocco, situated in the Atlas Mountains 58 kilometres northwest of the city of Fes.

Karia Ba Mohamed
Karia Ba Mohamed
Location in Morocco
Coordinates: 34°22′N 5°12′W
Country Morocco

Located near the Sebou River, Karia has a population of some 18,000 people and around 2,000 houses. It is a working class farming area that suffers from a shortage of water. The view north from the town looks towards Moulay Bouchta and the Rif Mountains in the distance. There are no hotels or municipal buildings.[1]

The town has a high school, and a central marketplace. The souk day is Tuesday. The high school serves students from the surrounding villages, and it is common for students to board there during the week. The original inhabitants of Karia Ba Mohamed call themselves Sharaqa, meaning that they settled there from the east.. The city is also known as Karia Daria


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