Order of the Queen of Sheba

The Order of the Queen of Sheba was originally instituted as a ladies' order in 1922 in the Ethiopian Empire by Empress Zawditu.[1]

Order of the Queen of Sheba
Grand Cross breast star of the Order of the Queen of Sheba
TypeOrder of Merit
CountryEthiopian Empire
Royal houseHouse of Solomon
Religious affiliationEthiopian Orthodox
SovereignEmperor of Ethiopia
Grand Cordon
Grand Officer
Member or Knight
Next (higher)Imperial Order of the Seal of Solomon
Next (lower)Order of the Holy Trinity

Ribbon of the order


The Order of the Queen of Sheba is presented in the following classes:[1]

  • Collar (only in favor of members of the royal family)
  • Grand Cordon (limited to 25)
  • Grand Officer (limited to 45)
  • Commander (limited to 55)
  • Officer (unlimited)
  • Member or Chevalier (i.e. "Knight"; also unlimited)


The badge of the order is a gold Star of David. In the center is the right facing profile of the Queen of Sheba superimposed over a three-pointed star. The badge is surmounted by a depiction of a crown with five arches. The plaque bears the badge of the order mounted on a trefoil scroll inscribed in Amharic. The ribbon of the Order is purple edged in dark green.


Grand Cordons

Grand Crosses



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