Fortified gateway

A fortified gateway, sometimes a gate castle (German: Torburg), is a heavily fortified gateway of a castle or a city wall. Castle gateways of this type usually have additional fortifications in front of them. A common form is the tower gateway (Turmtorburg); a variant is the bastion gateway (Halbrundturmtorburg). They are common in Europe.

The Severin Gate in Cologne

Examples in Europe


Château du Sou in Lacenas


Fortified gateway of Seeburg Palace
Porta Nigra in Trier
Marching Gate (double gate castle) in Aachen
  • Deutsches Tor in Metz
  • Ehrentor, Eigelsteintorburg, Hahnentorburg, Kuniberts Tower, Schaafentor and Severin Gate in Cologne
  • Town fortifications of Erkelenz
  • Friedländer Tor in Neubrandenburg
  • Marching Gate and Bridge Gate in Aachen as well as Aachen's city walls
  • Upper Gate in Neuss
  • Fortified gateway of Seeburg Palace
  • Star Gate in Bonn
  • Fortified gateway of Stolberg Castle in Stolberg (Rhineland)
  • Stundturm in Sighișoara
  • Porta Alba, Porta Nigra and Imperial Baths in Trier

United Kingdom

Coats of arms bearing a gate castle or fortified gate

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