The Ghomara are a group of tribes in northern Morocco, living between the rivers Oued Laou and Ouringa, east of Chefchaouen and south of Tetouan, in the Western Rif. The river Tiguisas runs through their territory.[2]

Map of the Ghomara tribes and their territories[1]

Originally, Ghomaras are a Berber tribal group belonging to the Masmuda confederacy. While most have shifted to speaking Arabic, a minority continue to speak the Berber Ghomara language.[2]


The Ghomaras are traditionally divided into nine tribes:[2]

  • Beni Ziat
  • Beni Zejel
  • Beni Selman
  • Beni Bu Zra, partially Berber speaking tribe
  • Beni Mansur, partially Berber speaking tribe
  • Beni Grir
  • Beni Smih
  • Beni Rezin
  • Beni Khaled



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