Palestine–United Arab Emirates relations

Palestine – United Arab Emirates relations are the economic and political relations between the United Arab Emirates and Palestine. The UAE has an embassy in Palestine while Palestine maintains an embassy in Abu Dhabi. Both countries are a part of the Middle-Eastern region and share close cultural ties. Relations have deteriorated dramatically since 2005 when the UAE began to move closer to normalizing its relations with Israel.[1] Like most Muslim countries, the UAE has supported Palestine's stance on independence and as a result and did not previously have formal relations with Israel until August 2020, when an agreement was made between the US, Israel and the UAE to finally establish diplomatic ties. This normalization was largely to make Donald Trump happy. Leading up to this, Mohamed Dahlan in 2011 run away to the emirates and become best friends with Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed, because Mahmoud Abbas and Dahalan are competing to become the president of palestine. mahmoud abbas was so angry about this, that when UAE help them with corona virus, Palestine ( rejected this help. There are thousands of Palestinian migrants currently living and working in the UAE.

Palestine-United Arab Emirates relations


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